Kayaking and Rowing Tours

Easy Adventures around Mumbai (Kayaking and Rowing Tours)


Pawna River 
Bhatsa River
Igatpuri Lake

We also provide options for Camping (Day and Overnight) along with Kayaking / Rowing.

We can organize custom kayaking tours.

For a large group, we can combine Kayaking and Rowing with other adventure sports and team building programs.

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Kayaking and Rowing for team building and recreation

Kayas are a small human-powered boat that traditionally has a covered deck and one or more cockpits, or open surfboard kayaks, each seating one paddler who strokes a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks move much easier in the water

Paddle Boats are also human-powered boats that take 4 persons at a time and are need all persons to use paddles and manually operated rudder to maneuver it. Kayaking and boating are a safe and fun activity for everyone. Life jackets are used so even nonswimmers can participate.

Kayaking/Rowing Safety Tips…

1. Wear a life vest (Life Jacket), while kayaking or rowing small boats there's a higher probability of falling into the water. We highly recommend a life jacket. "Just like wearing a seatbelt and buckling up, wear a life jacket.

2. Take along a way to call for help. Things to take along could include a cell phone (kept in a dry bag), whistle, or an EPIRB device - that stands for Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon (if possible).

3. Know where you're going. In one incident, a couple of guys were stranded overnight while kayaking downstream after sundown while moonlight kayaking because they were very mistaken about where they were headed.

4. Wear the right gear for the weather. Think about the water temperature, rains, not just how sunny it is.

5. Wear an identification card with emergency phone number, address, blood group, and with a listing of any chronic illness if any like (BP, Sugar, Heart Problem etc.).

Know more about Experiential Learning Program

At Nature Knights we know that each customer requirement is unique and hence each activity/experience is bespoke (custom) designed to meet these unique deliverables.

Important note: Executing Experiential Adventure Corporate Offsite requires team of experienced and qualified facilitators; adventure professional. Safety equipments meeting safety standards are essential. Its worth partnering with the right Corporate Offsite Specialist company for your employee engagement program as your offsite objectives; safety of employees; money and time are very precious.

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