Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)

Environment Social Responsibility (ESR) 


Unique and Innovative philanthropic program
Adventure tourism + Social tourism
Purposeful Volunteer-tourism", style of adventure

For inquiries get in touch with us at: 
info@natureknights.net / asif@natureknights.net 
WhatsApp: 9619182010'

Locations these CSR engagements are possible: 
Palghar; Around Lonavala / Kamshet; 
Around Panchgani/Mahabaleshwar; 
Around Khodala
Around Mumbai
Around Pune
Around Vapi / Dahanu

We are exploring options near Himachal and Uttarakhand

Hands-on experience of Farming

Understanding Hand's On Tribal Art, Helping them built local tribal economy by attending their workshops and in sale/buying of the handicrafts / art work.

                              Helping Hands to built Shelters and Schools


Improve the lives of people and environment around you in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Making a difference to the community and eco-system where there is very little or no government support.

Though relatively a new concept, Tourism mixed with Adventure and Social cause has been catching on particularly among young professionals, the country’s intellect and talent pool, who find it an apt gateway to unwind, be with oneself, rediscover, refresh and rejuvenate to meet growing professional challenges and continuous ask for performance on day to day basis. The adventure and philanthropy is increasingly growing into sort of a much needed therapy for people.

Nature Knights has been among the very few adventure tourism Club in the country catering to such needs, a new novel trade to transgress! It clearly reflects the Club’s foresight and anticipation of growing evolving needs which though may not have as yet become very apparent but happens to be a fast emerging reality.

Interacting with people –energetic and enthusiastic - and catering to individualistic strive-the Club has evolved and emerged stronger with growing sense of corporate citizenship and responsibility.

Trying out rural flavours (helping rural employment through tourism and hospitality).  

Hosting workshops for rural village populations

Workshops on local handicrafts (Basket Making)

Workshops in Disaster Management


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Design and facilitating execution/ project management.

Environment Conservation Program: Through Nature Knights Eco-Adventure Club (Supporting various Environment Conservation Project by direct volunteering or jointly with NGOs)

Learning Centre for Underprivileged: Through Nature Knights Eco-Adventure Club (having direct workshops / adventure outings/ Team building Programs) directly or jointly with NGOs).