Thakurwadi Trek - Offbeat Trek

The Offbeat - Thakurwadi Monsoon Trek, around 2 hours drive from Mumbai. Trek grade easy to moderate.

We follow strict Eco-Tourism

Travel in Small Groups
Respect Local Cultures and Environment
Collaborate with locals and generate opportunities for them
Leave only footsteps and Take only Memories
Limit the exposure for boutique tourism  

Come and explore with us..

Chanderi Trek - Photos

My best trek this monsoon season so far.. Steady hill climb, a hike across lush green plaeau, climb up the gushing waterfall, steep ascend up the mountain, traversing across extremely windy exposed ridge, a super buffet lunch, a big adventure while descending through swollen waterfalls; a off road ride on flodded tracks; and finally ending with Chai and Kanda Bhajias n Vada Pavs at Karjat before we bid good bye... until next time

Beginning of the trek

Jungle trek

Flat plateau.. around  45 to 60 minutes trek from the village.

Here is where the ascend gets steeper once we cross the waterfalls