Madap Waterfall Rappelling Trek - Adventure Story Movei

One day event. scroll down for schedule.

Next Event Dates: 
August 13th, 2023

Rs.1500/- per person 

we can do custom event on any other dates, minimum group size 18 pax.

Waterfall Rappelling Event Management
Safety Gear and Equipment's
Technical Support
Trek to Madap Waterfall and Back
Breakfast and Lunch

Transport if required (Ex. Karjat: Rs.1600/- for 5 persons).
From Karjat Station to Madap Base Camp and Back to Karjat Station by Van

We can organize Vans Ex. Panvel also, this will cost Rs.1800/- for 5 people (Return Journey).

Excludes any kind of insurance, tips etc.
Any custom menu food not part of package
anything that is not included is excluded.

Planned schedule:

08:30 am Arrival at base village (Madap), Park your car or vehicle at Dhaba
Village Breakfast near Base Village (Kanda Poha or Upma with Tea)
Small Trek to the waterfall (60 minutes)
Waterfall Rappelling between depending upon the group size 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Start our trek back to base village
A late lunch back in the village dhaba


Budget: Rs.1500/- per head.


Trek to Waterfall Point; Waterfall Rappelling; Safety Gear and Technical Support 
Veg Meals (Village Breakfast and Lunch)

Valley crossing - Rs.500/- per head. (Minimum group size 15 Pax).
Zip Line - Rs.500/- per head. (Minimum group size 7 pax).
Transport is not included in the budget. 

Batch Size - 25 to 40 per day. (Max)

Registration with 100% advance mandatory.

Contact for Inquiries and Booking: 

9619182010 / 

The Sport: (Waterfall Rappelling / Canyoning)

Canyoneering is a relatively new sport in India, that's already become very popular all over the world. Western Ghats have many waterfalls and flowing streams that offer plenty of opportunity to enjoy this sport. 

This unique, multi-sport adventure combines rappelling, down-climbing and river tracing in a deep valley. Exploring trails following down the steep waterfalls is an adventure experience of a lifetime – go where very few have had the privilege to roam! Imagine yourself in the midst of a thick forest at the top of tropical waterfalls with surprises each step of the way.
Check list

Kindly Put all your electronic items in Dry Bag, which is kept inside your backpack
this backpack is going to be worn by you when you do waterfall rappelling
(Leave all your dry clothes in your car)

Tights, leggings, or Track pants (avoid heavy jeans)
Full sleeves T-shirt (Dry fits), (you may carry spare change clothes)
Carry Spare set of clothes, light towel 
Rain wear (Poncho, or short light Raincoat), Rain Cap or Hat
Regular Sun Cap or Hat
Hand Towel
Other mandatory items
Flash light with spare batteries
(We will be late for lunch)
carry a small snack pack (fruits, chocolates, boiled eggs, thepla, dry fruits, water bottle)
Water (2 liters per head)

Pack all items in double plastic bags before packing it in your backpack or ruck sack
Pack everything in your backpack properly. Light items on top and bottom side of bag, heavy items towards center and towards your shoulder and body. Use compression straps to tighten the bag from all sides so that items inside the bag do not keep shifting.

Optional items
Comb and pocket mirror
personal medical kit
Mosquito repellent
Camera (has to be kept in a proper dry bag, something that is 100% waterproof).

Eco-Adventure Code
We strongly believe in traveling in small groups, and following the principle of leaving only footprints and taking only memories.

Important Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs not allowed in during adventure sports.
Participants have to be 100% sober during any adventure sports.
Any participant suspected to be in an intoxicated condition will not be permitted
to participate in any adventure sports and his/her money will not be refunded as
resources were already booked for him.

Registration money nonrefundable in these conditions
During the adventure sports if there are excess rains
and the waterfall becomes too dangerous for continuing the adventure activity.

The participant is too scared to continue with the activity.

The participant does not show up for the event after registration. 

Links for books / payment / terms and condition

Bookings and Payments 

Cancellation Terms for Multi-day Trek/Trip

Cancellation policy for one day trips/trek

Additional Cost applicable - click here to know more

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