We Trek, We Travel, We Explore.... Wild Life Sanctuaries, Forts, Historical and Archaeological Places, Jungles, Mountains,...

We honestly attempt to live rather than survive, And we will be happy to invite you to join us..

Life is Greener on This Side of the Valley.

Nature Beckons

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Most of us in Corporate World are caught in a rat race, trying to out do one another at work place. Climbing the corporate ladder has become the sole objective of one's existence. While there are those who are comfortably cocooned in their comfort zones, there are others for whom chaos is the order of the day.

In midst of all this, we a bunch of adventure enthusiasts who have come together to discover that there's more to life than the regimental and monotonous work routine. It was this common interest that bought some friends together thus giving birth to Nature Knights.

Members of Nature Knights Eco Adventure Club come from diverse corporate and culture backgrounds. They include Technology Professionals, Professionals from HR and Accounting, Media and Sales. This is to name just a few.

The objective of forming "Nature Knights Eco Adventure Club" was to give common platform for people with interest Eco Adventures and more importantly with a desire to contribute something back into nature. We quite believe in the old saying that goes - "The World is not for us to inherit but for us to cherish and pass it to the future generation".

We facilitate Eco-adventure programs like trekking, mountaineering, nature trails, safaris, shite water Rafting, experiential learning programs, social and cultural outings etc. We are particularly interested in exploring places of "Heritage and Culture Importance", Himalayas, Off Beat Destinations, Archeology, Rural India and Wild Life Sanctuaries. Till date we have facilitated over a thousand such programs in locations ranging from the daunting heights of Himalayas to the rich valleys of Western Ghats and Nilgiris.

We look forward to open another chapter in our book of adventures, so join us.

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To request for a members ship form email us at or sms us at any of our contact numbers mentioned in "contact us" Tab.

Benefits to Members

1) We have around 40 to 50 Eco Adventure / Social events for members every year.

2) Members get discounts (5% to 70% Discount on all events).

3) Other Discounts to members would be  announced from time to time.

3) A member gets an opportunity to earn incentives for referrals Corporate Prospects / Other Referrals that results in business revenue for Nature Knights. (Kindly get in touch with / 9821081566 in person for this incentive when you are referring us an opportunity and get a confirmation in email). Conditions apply.

4) We have two Mountaineering / Adventure Survival Workshops for members every year. 70% to 80% discount is given to members during these events.

5) Members who are more active in Nature Knights Events and Activities will get an opportunity to be part of Nature Knights Core Team.

6) Opportunity to make more friends and network. Look beyond the Internet.

Membership Application Process:


1) Send an request email for membership form at or sms us at 9821081566 (with subject / content - "Request for Membership Application form).

2) Duly fill in the details as requested in Membership Application Form and email it to us after making the respective membership payment.

3) How to make payment?

Draw the chq in favour of "Nature Knights - ICICI Bank A/c. No. 041205000027"

Branch: Versova, Mumbai

Drop it in any of the ICICI Bank ATM or deposit it in counter (Retain the receipt).


Electronic Transfer (EFT).

Account Name: Nature Knights
Account Number: 041205000027
Branch: Versova, Mumbai

For transfter from Non-ICICI bank Account Add Rs.25/- to the total amount.

 In Remarks mention during transfer Yr first name/NK Mem. Fee

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