Other Costs applicable

Extra Cost for Alternate Arrangements during emergencies.


Most of our events are organised in remote and difficult geographical regions; and sometimes unplanned alternate arrangements for accommodation/food/transport have to be made due to man-made or natural disasters; road accidents; vehicle breakdown; any other kind of emergency etc. Cost of these alternate arrangements would be borne by the participants as extra over and above actual cost of the event as we are not covered under any kindly of travel/accident policy. Unless specifically clarified.

Some of the reasons because of which sometimes we may have to make alternate arrangements:

1) "Act of God" (Floods; Landslides; Storm; Heavy Rains)
2) Man made road Blocks due to Strikes; Curfews etc.
3) Missed flights/train/bus etc
4) Vehicle Breakdown.

5) Emergency evacuation.
6) Participants wanting to return during the trip period due to medical reasons or any other personal reasons.
7) Any new tax, toll or permit cost introduced by the government or local body that we are not aware about.

Note: There will be no refund for resources that were not utilized by the customer.

Above terms apply to over and above the event terms mentioned in the event. 

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