Why us

Always Safety First
Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.  No compromise on overheads of our trips when it comes to safety.
Experiences and capable trek leaders, facilitators, guides, porters team etc with track record, technical proficiency, proven safety records, impeccable judgment, their friendly demeanor and their ability to provide helpful and knowledgeable instructions.
Adherence to standards of safety and security
Extra sensitive to needs females, and minors.
Standards based safe equipment and camping gear
Strict maintenance of discipline and; rules 

Our Commitment to Social Causes
Tourism is an important sector to local economy, and as an organization that has been involved in this sector for over two and half decades, we believe it is our duty to contribute to the local society in some way. Most of our social cause is supported through NGO www.trishul-ngo.org . We also involve local expertise wherever possible during our trips; this helps the local economy as-well-as brings local support to our trips; treks and tours that is vital for creating complete experience for our customers.

Responsible Tourism
In order to practice responsible tourism, our company is guided by the motto ‘Take nothing but pictures and memories, leave nothing but footprints’.

Discounted Travel
We offer a land-cost free trip to one person if the group consists of 20 or more people, and we also offer 5% discount to those who register in groups of 4s or more.

Private Groups / Corporate / Students Groups
We are happy to provide tailor-made, private group departures on dates that will suit you best. So, after you have organized your own group, we can then customize our itineraries based on your suggestions and requirements.

Group size
Our minimum requirement for operation is only two people. This will allow any two committed people to proceed with their plans without the worry of a larger group cancelling the tour or changing it at the last minute.

Extended Holidays
Nature Knights will take you to some of the most interesting and exotic places, and we fully understand if you might want to extend your trip. Just make sure to discuss your interest with our staff, and we will find you add-in options which are most appropriate to your main trip and interests.

Experience Tours and Adventure Holidays

Besides presenting our clients with quality services in trekking, camping and mountaineering trips, we also specialize in providing heritage tours, cycling holidays, and backpacking holidays for our clients who wish to savor foreign cultures or immerse themselves in an adrenaline filled holiday.

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