Moonlight Kayaking and Camping


What could be a better offbeat experience than camping by the river on a full moon night, sizzling barbecue, a small campfire with soft music, and kayaking in the slivery blue night...

Open Sky Movie Screening.



DATES: November 20th, 2021.

December 28th, 2021 
January 15th, 2021
February 19th, 2021


Special Personalized camping and glamping Experience...

You are invited to be our guest along with your friends and family. We look forward to creating a lifetime glamping experience for you. 

Each group has its own small campsite set in the backdrop of a gently flowing river or farm view and all tents set up in a way to give each group their own privacy and space. 

Explore the new world in the company of your near and dear ones lazing in hammocks, or strolling along the river, or reflecting.

Try personalized camping experiences like...

Your own personal space in a personalized reserved campsite 
Personalized Barbecue dinners and tea/coffee; and Campfire
Your own personalized campsite hammock, chairs, and coffee table.
Try your hand at kayaking in a gently flowing river
A gentle dip in the river
Lazing in Hammocks
Play hide-n-seek with the sun through the green canopy
Cast your line and wait till you feel the tug, throwback the fish you lined-up
Try Cookout
Take a mat and try sleeping under the open sky
Go exploring in gentle countryside

Try board games, read books, or simply doing nothing is the best thing you can do...

and more... reach us to discuss your personalized camping holiday...

Our campground promises you homely hospitality.

Budget for Moonlight Camping with Kayaking, Barbecue Dinner, and Camping Facilities...

Deluxe Tent with River View - Rs.2350/- per person on double occupancy basis.
Deluxe Large Family Room with attached shower - Rs.2350/- per person occupancy (6 to 8 pax).
Deluxe Rooms with attached shower - Rs.2500/- per room on triple or quad occupancy.

Contact: Whatsapp: 9619182010  for Inquiries and Booking / 

Inclusions for Fullmoon camping night:

Check-in time: morning or noon
Check-out time: morning or noon
Check-in to checkout 24 hours cycle (kindly confirm at the time of your booking).

1 - Barbecue Dinner; 1 Breakfast and 1 Lunch; Tea/Coffees.
Stay in a tent or room on double occupancy basis
one session of moonlight or sundown Kayaking.

Camping facilities included:
Swimming Pool with fresh river water [Hammock; Mattress; Coffee Table; Pillows; Personalised camping zone]
Filtered drinking water
Purified drinking water.
30 minutes Kayaking Session.

Any custom menu ordered [will be billed separately on actual]
Bottled water
Any kind of insurance
Anything that is not included is excluded
Extra Kayaking Sessions

note: Kayaking slots have to be booked in advance or you will be allocated kayaking slots by the campsite team. 

Addon day Kayaking [Rs.200/- per person for a duration of 30 minutes as per booking and availibility]

or Rs.300/- per person for 45 minutes. - timing morning 10 am to evening 6:00 pm

Extra Moonlight Kayaking [Rs.500/- for 45 minutes] - 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm midnight (extra Kayaking subject to availability).

Bottled water or any beverages not part of the package will be charged separately
Extra Lunch / Meal with late or early checkout will be billed at Rs.400/- per person.
Any customized experience required can be discussed.
Mahuli Trek will be charged @Rs.750/- per person [minimum billing for 5 persons]

Swimming Pool with fresh river water.

Siesta in a hammock under the sun and shade

Mix work and pleasure...



ROUTECAMP is a riverside campground at Vasind is a homely escape just outside the bumbling Mumbai cityscape. The destination is flanked by the Mahuli mountains and the lovely Bhatsa river ambles by the camp.

You live in tents, enjoy your tea/coffee, personalized experiences complete with barbecues, campfire, hammock, and enjoy camp-life! But if you need the action, trek the Mahuli hills, go for a kayak safari or off-road in our jeep (Check Easy Adventures)

Our hosts are expert anglers and the destination is a fishing enthusiast's delight
Yoga on the lawn, hammocks among chickoo trees are appended with clean toilets and showers giving the camp the feel of a second home.

Our common areas have games and puzzles, and the thrill of playing "Jenga", "Taboo" or "Scrabble" in the outdoors is a must-experience. Plan some reading, sketching or other do it yourself activity ideas and enrich your experience.

Showers and WCs are common to campers. These are well maintained to suit urban standards.

Easy Adventures offers a range of activities around camp. Some of these activities are free for our campers and some chargeable but all of them are worth the indulgence. Give yourself to the experience and you'll find something within!

Indulge in rod and trap fishing in the day and lobster fishing at night on the house. Consider this our contribution to your fishing endeavor. Make the effort to get into the activity and our instructors will ensure an authentic experience!

To complete your fishing expedition, we will plate your catch for a nominal additional fee!

Campsite well suite for families; couples; small groups
We also give exclusive bookings of the entire campground for a group size of over 35 persons. Our entire campground has around 7 camping sites. 

You can try your hand at Paddy farming during the monsoon camping season.

We light a personalized campfire with each campsite 

The aroma of sizzling Barbecue 


1. No Shoes in the Tent
2. No cooking or Smoking in the Tent

1. Please respect silent hours (11:00pm to 7:00am)
2. Please drive at max 5km/hr in the campground premises.
3. Our timings are: Check-in between 8am and 8pm and; Check-out by 10:30am the next day for a night of camping. We enjoy your company at the campground and we don't have very strict check-out timing rules. All the same, if we need to allow the site to guests coming post checkout time we will request you to vacate.
4. Please respect others' privacy and do not tress pass on other people's campsites.
5. Playing music at the campground is not permissible.
6. No unauthorized electrical appliances at the campground. Please check with the manager before using your devices.
7. Meal Timings are 8-9:30am, 12:30-2pm & 8-9:30pm
8. Please leave the Tents pitched and the sleeping bags/ bedding in the tents for our checkout procedure. Please ensure that you return all rental items before leaving the campground and leave your campsite neat and; tidy.

What exactly do I get when I rent a campsite? check out the inclusion/exclusion matrix. 

What if I have my own tent and no sleeping bags?
You are most Welcome to bring your own equipment. We want to encourage experienced campers!. You will get a per person discount of Rs.100 for your tent.

What is the weather like? Do we need to carry any special kind of clothing?
Be prepared for the outdoors. The evenings can get chilly in winter. A single sweater should do the trick. The afternoons can get warm throughout the year, so carry some light clothing too! Refer to our PREP KIT pdf for details on what to carry.

Are there a lot of bugs, snakes and creepy crawlies around?
You will encounter sounds and creatures of nature. They respect our presence. Watch your step in the dark and use mosquito repellent and you should be fine. Your tent is sealed to not allow any insects in. Ensure that you close the door, and you will have a pleasant night's stay

Are there electrical plug points available? Yes.

Is there a cell phone signal?
You will get a cellphone signal in patches only at a certain place at the campground. You cannot depend on this. Do WhatsApp us at 9619182010 we will try and relay the message from your contact to call back. 

What about drinking water? Can we buy some basic supplies at the campground in case we've forgotten something?
Drinking water and Mineral water will be available at the campground.

Do you accept credit/debit cards?
No credit cards/debit cards accepted at the campsite.

Do you have sites so a group/corporate/education institution can camp together? Do you offer any discounts for booking the entire campground?
Contact us about group camping for 20 adults or more. We will work something out!

Do you allow dogs?/pets? What's Petiquette?
We do not allow pets at present. We will experiment with pet days. Do leave your contact details with us.

Nature Knights Phone No:   

WhatsApp / SMS: +91-9619182010 (24 x 7) - Monday to Saturday.

Contact email id:  / 

other emails: 

We can customize your experience.

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