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Irshalgad Monsoon Trek

Travel Date: August 14th, 2021

Grade: Medium (2 hours ascend and 2 hours descend).

Irshalgad is 6.5 km out and back trek located near Chauk railway station. Irshalgad pinnacle is an easy to moderate difficulty which takes 2 hour to ascend and 1.5 to 2 hour to descend. The road head, if travelling by your own vehicle is Nanivali village near Chowk town. Chowk town lies on NH4 that connects Panvel with Karjat. Chowk also has a train station (Station code CHOK). (Pune - Bhusaval express) stops at Chowk train station. From Chowk, Nanivali village (the starting point of this trek) is a comfortable 2.3 kilometres walk. From Nanivali village you follow a wide well defined path till Irshalwadi village. The path climbs a steep ridge and then tapers to an easy ascend till Irshalwadi. From Irshalwadi village head towards a temple dedicated to a local deity and access the Irshalgad plateau via a west–east axis. The trek is child friendly till the pinnacle base.  Nevertheless, there have been numerous fatalities while climbing the pinnacle.

Irshagad would have been a critical watch tower, you can see Prabagad, Karnala Fort, Dhak Fort, Rajmachi, Matheran, and several other hills from here.

Time: 6:00 am starting from Andheri West to 7:30 pm back at Andheri

Budget for the Trekking trip will be Rs.1250/- per person. (Custom trek details and budget scroll down).
For children / students Rs.750/- per students up to 19 years old.
minimum age of children allowed on this trek (10 years old and above).

WhatsApp / SMS: +91-9619182010 (24 x 7)

email: / 

Inclusions: Travel by private transport, Trek Management, Safety Rope if required, General First Aid, Goody Bag (Dry Snack Bag). 

Carry your packed Snack / Lunch / Water bottle refer to detailed check list for one day trek refer Checklist for One day Treks

Travel mode: Private Vehicle 

Pickup points: 
6:15 am Andheri (West), SV Road near Merwan Bakery
6:30 am Bandra (East), Kalanagar Bus Stop, at Bus Stop near end of Sky Walk 
Near Western Express Highway
6:40 am Sion Lunch Home, Near Sion Station.
6:50 am Chembur (Before Diamond Garden Signal)
7:10 am Vashi near Junction of Station Road and Highway below the fly over.
7:30 am Belapur (along highway)
7:45 am Near McDonald, Kalamboli on Highway near entrance of Mumbai-Pune Express highway

An Offbeat trail leading to Irshalgad from the west side of the mountain starts here at 
(Nanai Factory).

Unlike the trail starting from Morbe Dam side the trek from the west side of the mountain has a reasonably thick forest cover, and being on the west side if you start your trek early in the morning you will also have the benefit shadow cast by Irshagad hill. 

The trek route is a steep ascend taking you to a plateau from where you can see Irshal machi and few small farms. On a warm and humid day, this trail can become tough if you start later than 10 am. So ration sufficient hydration fluids (2 liters per head minimum) and few seasonal fruits and salad items to go with it. 

(scroll down to read more about Irshalgad trek).

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A nice and fresh monsoon adventure Trek just a couple of hours drive from Mumbai set up in a rustic rural countryside on a Mountain top. 

Experiences involve a mix is a moderately difficult trek along with countryside followed by a steady uphill climb and climaxing finally with a bit of easy grade traversing and basic rock climbing towards to the summit ridge before we reach the base of the pinnacle. We will not attempt the pinnacle during monsoon. Add a few more toppings to the experience with an opportunity to exploring rural countryside, rural village, farms, village Food (not part of the package)...

What comes free with this trek... great company of friends and family called (Nature Knights - Offbeat Mandala)

Location: Chowk (Near Karjat and Panvel) / Range Matheran (Next to Prabalgad)
Altitude: Approximately 520 meters / 1706 feet above mean sea level.
Duration of Trek: 6-8 Hours
Base Village: Irshalwadi/Nanivali

Custom Trek Budget:

WhatsApp: 9619182010 for custom exclusive treks.

For booking details and procedure click here

Checklist for one day trek click here

Contact details click here

Access by public transport: Nearest railway station: Karjat (Central Railway) & Panvel (Harbour Railway), Route:  Karjat- Chowk bus stop- Chowk railway station- Nanivali- Irshalwadi- Irshalgad Nedhe and; back via same route

Morbe dam

About Irshalgad Fort:

Irshalgad is a hill in the Matheran range which might have been used as a watch tower to keep an eye over the region between Manekgad and Prabalgad or maybe as a fire/smoke signal communication tower with the neighboring forts. The final 10 m high climb to peak involves technical rock climbing and shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs.

Alight at Chowk bus stop (NOT chowk fata, the station is a km from that stop) & cross Chowk railway station to reach the Morbe Dam road. The trail passes through Nanivali before climbing uphill to Irshalwadi (base village).

A crown- shaped fort is prominently seen at the start of the trek. Take the mud trail in south-west from Irshalwadi (keeping Irshalgad to your right) and proceed for 300 m, crossing a temple and couple of seasonal streams along the way to reach a pass. Turn right (usually marked by a shoe/bottle on a twig) and climb the rocky trail to reach the main ridge. The way ahead is up the western face of the mountain. Negotiate a medium grade rock patch and; a rickety vertical ladder to reach the Nedhe. After climbing for two hours, you will reach to Irsalwadi, the village on the maachi (plateau) of the fort.  Follow the same route for descent. Irshalgad is 100 meters high from Irsalwadi (half hour) and the type of climb here is moderately difficult. The area of the fort is very small and there is no fortification, but there are six rock-cut cisterns (water reservoirs) and image of Vishaldevi. There is a natural hole called Nedha on the top and we can see the forts of Prabalgad towards north, Manikgad, Karnala and; Songiri westwards and Matheran hill range in the east.

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