Mahuli Trek

If you can't find a path without obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere. 

A laid-back hamlet, a tiny wildlife sanctuary and a gateway to the ancient fort located a few km away as you climb the off beaten hill path. Time stands still, it takes you back in times to a stage set 2000 years ago.

Only a few signs of modernization where the road terminates at public parking yard.

The Hamlet looks older than the Malgudi village but equally interesting. The Climb up to the fort promises lots of romantic views of lush green trees, shrubs and wildflowers. I will not elaborate on describing the place more and spoil the surprise awaiting to be quenched... 

This was the story over a decade back. Though not much seems to have changed since then, much of this neighborhood is still unexplored, so let's just do it!

Mahuli Fort. Altitude around 2815 feet above mean sea level.

Trek Category: 

If you do till first of second plateau (Easy to Medium Grade) - 90 minutes up and similar effort downhill.

If you do till third plateau or till Chota Mahuli (Medium Grade, some non-regular trekkers may find it a bit enduring) 2 hours one way).

Best Season: July to March 

Location: 5 km off Asangaon railway station, Shahpur region. And 75 km drive from Mumbai. 

Trek charges: Rs.1600/- per person (Minimum billing 7 pax).


Escorted Trek with Mountain Guide

Packed Sandwiches for trek

Facilities at riverside base camp: (Near Bhatsa River, Vasind).
Barbecue Lunch (Veg and Non-Veg BBQ followed by Dal Rice Papad Pickle Salad)
Potable water at base camp.
Swimming pool with fresh river water
Shower room, and place to change
Coffee Tables, Chairs, Cabana, facilities at campsite.
Kayaking (Chargeable extra at Rs.200/- per person - 30 minutes).

Any kind of custom menu or beverages that is not part of package.
Any kind of insurance / tips etc.

Contact for Inquiries and Booking: 

9619182010 /

Suggested Trip Plan

8:00 am - Our Mountain Guide cum escort meets you on the highway at pre-decided location near Vasind.
8:30 am - Start of Trek
11:30 am - Fishing of trek
Back at campsite
Freshen up change, welcome Tea/Coffee

1:30 pm Barbecue Lunch

04:00 pm End of Event with Tea/Coffee.

History: The creator of this fort is unknown. In 1485 this place came under rule Nijamshahi dynasty. When Shahaji Raje became the secretary of Nijamshahi, Mughals of Delhi tried to end Nijamshahi. In 1635-36, Shahaji Raje transferred himself with Jijabai and Shivaji to Mahuli. When Khan Jaman attacked the fort, Shahaji asked Portuguese for help, who refused and Shahaji surrendered.

Shivaji took this fort from Mughals on 8 Jan 1658. In 1661 it was given back and was won again by Shivaji. In treaty of Purandar, in 1665, Marathas lost these forts again. In Feb 1670, Shivaji Maharaj tried to conquer Mahuli, but failed, thanks to an alert Manohardas Gaud, who was the in charge of the fort. Thousand of Marathas were killed. Manohardas Gaud, soon gave up his position and Alveerdi Beg took over. On 16 June 1670, after two months, Moropant Pingle conquered the forts and Mahuli, Bhandargad and Palasgad became part of Swarajya. Till 1817, Shivaji's dynasty owned the fort and later by the Britishers.

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