The Silhouette

 The Silhouette Narrative

Dated: 29/12/22.

In between this so-called Mega Mumbai Metro Hussle, life finally gave me some time out to Pen down this moment on 6/1/2023. This was the last team building assignment I facilitated during the calendar year 2022. The venue for the event was a lush and rich riverside homely farm stay and campsite. The rustic but warm and cozy property is owned by my friend who has known me since my early childhood.

It was planned that I would reach the campsite a day before the event date, this would allow me the advantage of not just helping my friend in preparation for the event if required but also reviewing the preparation for the event. 

Upon the arrival at the campsite, I was welcomed with excited greetings by the owner and my dear friend himself along with a couple of these friendly team members. The fresh aromas at the farm; a blend of earth, the river, and farm trees were equally warm and welcoming. We immediately touched down over the dining Kabana with a Cupa “CHAI ''. The Kabana has an exquisite and unobstructed view of the “RIVER”. After sipping in some “CHA OVER GUPSHUP” I decided to take a stroll in the beautiful country side.


My leisurely and wandering stroll through the village pathways, some narrow some broad with trooping trees and enormous farms bounded by on both sides (giving me the utmost ecstasy on a cozy winter evening) on hiking for around 15 minutes made took me to a bridge overlooking an incessant gentle flowing river. It made me take a laid-back pause and hold a glance of the most beautiful setting sun and indulge in glimpses of colorful skies.

Here in I felt a myriad of the thoughts and emotions prevailed and the time-ceased, the entire world wrapped up in the moment…

Sheer Nature's Ecstasy!



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