Bushcraft Coffee


Revived back to “consciousness’ listening to the melodious twittering of the birds. We ambled down the not so trodden path snugged in the coziness of our warmers to the edge of the placid BHATSA RIVER embraced by calming and morning mist just overlooking the property. The dew was still fresh on the leaves, outers of our tents and over the tiled roofs. The sun had just begun to inch over the “Horizon”

We scavenged a few dry leaves, wood filings odd papers and twigs to kindle up the fire and the little joys just perfect with the pleasant and elated wind. The coffee was then brewed up and seasoned with the smoky earthy flavor and a tinge of peculiar “Bhatsai-touch”. With touching down, clinking the mugs added up with reminiscing some beautiful life experiences and lessons. Finally, being ready to bid adieu the year “Seizing the Moment”.

Nostalgic moments, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”

Looking forward to my next assignment... last breakfast of 2022 after smoked coffee. Life goes on.

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