Umberwadi Matheran Trek

Off-Beat and Un-Explored Trek "Chowk - Umberwadi - Matheran"

A trek along with Less explored Jungle and Mountain trails
Farms, Hills, Lakes, Climbs, and finally the forest on the summit with pleasant climate..

This less explored trek promises plenty of greenery; landscapes and adventure; it starts at Chowk station; and takes you along the banks Morbe Lake, you cross few stream-lets before reaching Umberwadi Hamlet, from here one has to negotiate steep ascend with exposed slopes, few rickety ladder before you finally reach near Charlotte Lake Matheran, A couple of kilometer further and you can treat yourself with some lavish biryani or Khima Pav or Gujarati Thali at Matheran Market, One has to walk 3 more kms to reach Dasturi Nake from here or ucan hire a Horse Ride from Matheran market till Dasturi to finish the trek in style. 

Location: Chowk Station (you can board a bus from Panvel)

Region: Matheran Region

Altitude: 2600 feet above mean sea level.

Trek Category: Tough (Initial part is easy a plain scenic walk along DAM and lake for almost 2 hours. the last 35% of the trek involves few steep and slippery exposed patches; climbing few rickety ladders; the final patch after your climb the Shivaji Ladder is tricky, slippery and steep; and requires good trekking / climbing skills to climb during monsoon. Trek duration 6 hours.

How to reach there? Reach Panvel Station by Mumbai Local train, Take a State transport Bus from Panvel Bus Depot or a Local Rickshaw for Chowk Station (Trek starts from Chowk station)

Flora and Fauna: Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Budget for:

Travel Panvel to Chowk (Public Bus)
Horse Ride from Matheran Market to Dasturi Nake
Matheran to Neral (Share Cab)
Early Morning Breakfast at Chowk

Additional budgets:
Local train cost/ Rickshaw transfers
Lunch etc.

Recomended Schedule:

Meeting place: 

6:00 am Kurla Station West (Near Ticket Counter). Buy your harbour line tickets before meeting.. Ideally report 15 minutes in advance.

7:00 am Panvel Station 
Quick breakfast at Panvel Station
Travel from Panvel to Chowk by Public Bus

(Train timings from Kurla to Panvel between 5:30 am to 7:00 am).
Kurla (Start) - Panvel (Arival)
5:36 am   -    6:27 am
5:58 am  -   6:48 am
6:14 am  -   7:03 am
6:24 am  -  7:13 am
6:48 am  -  7:37 am
6:54 am  - 7:43 am

Trek - Chowk - Umberwadi - Matheran (6 hrs)

4:00 pm Arrival at Matheran
Lunch at Matheran / Chill out rest
5:00 pm Horse Ride from Matheran Market to Dasturi Naka
Dasturi Naka to Neral Share Cab Travel
Train Journey from Neral towards Mumbai

More about the place: Matheran and Shivaji Ladder route

Matheran is situated in the Matheran range of sahyadris at a height of 2516 feet. With more than eight to ten different routes, Matheran (2516 feet) is the ultimate destination for the trekker, naturalist and outdoor enthusiast. It is literally a forest on top of the hill (mathe means head and raan means forest). The dense forest cover, teeming bird life, long walks and flora and fauna make this an all-time favourite. The best part is that it's pollution-free as no vehicles are allowed in the hill station.

Apart from Bhimashankar, Matheran is the only other place where the giant red squirrel is to be found. It's also a haven for snakes, from the harmless keelbacks and pythons to the more deadly members of the clan such as cobras, kraits and vipers.

While trekking up to matheran hills after Ambewadi, you will come across a mass of boulders and rocks into which the trail disappears. This is known as Shivaji Steps or the Shivaji Ladder.

According to local legend, Shivaji rode up this route on horseback. From here, it's 500m to the top, up a stream bed that's dry except during the monsoon. From here Big Chowk Point is clearly visible and looks like an elephant' head.

(Train timings / Options for Return Local Train Journey from Neral)..

Nerul 16:45 - Thane 17:16
Nerul 17:29 - Thane 18:00
Nerul 18:03 - Thane 18:35 
Panvel 18:25- Nerul 18:46 - Thane 19:11 FAST TRAIN 
Nerul 18:51 - Thane 19:22
Panvel 18:52 - Nerul 19:17 - Thane 19:48 TIPS
Nerul 19:29 - Thane 20:00 
Nerul 20:09 - Thane 20:40

Replenishment Checklist:

Things to carry to keep your event cool and pleasant
1) Two Water Bottles  for day of trek (Kept overnight in Deep Freezer). Wrap in thin towel and plastic before keeping it in bag
2) Carry Electrol / Glucose-D / Chocolates for replenishment of salts and sugar
3) Chocolates
4) Seasonal Fruits (2 or 3 of them)
.5) Eggs, Sprouts or similar items with Bread / Thepla or Parathas 6) Wear Hat or Cap with good shade to protect yourself from sun. 
7) Sun Screen
8) Thin Cotton Full Sleeves t-shirts are a good idea
9) Wear a wet handkerchief around neck that helps in cooling your body.
10) Wearing (Tights or Shorts or three fourth shorts) of material that has a little stretch helps. If you are wearing shorts make sure wear a socks that is long enough to cover most of your exposed skin below your knee on you legs.

11) Always keep a Pocket Knife, and Small Flash light handy.
12) Keep yourself hydrated.. replenish at regular intervals in small quantities.. water/ nibbles of fruits / etc..

Other checklist
Wear Strong Canvas or Trekking Shoes
Do not wear heavy jeans or Formal / High Heal Shoes
Carry Spare Slippers or floaters
Carry your personal emergency medicine
Do not make to bag too heavy.


For Photo Album click on the picture..

Biodiversity: Matheran is undulating hill top covered with full of beauty. The journey involves an adventurous two hours ascent from Neral in a delightful little toy train or by car; with the panoramic view of the plains as the train chugs uphill towards Matheran.

Mathran plateau forests consists of trees like Parjamun, Amba, Phasi, Fusanda, Asana, Kokam, Kumbhi, Anjani, Alu, Kate, Kambal and medicinal plants such as Shatavari, Medshing Gul-wel, Karis, Kal-lavi, Kukkar-Kand, Ranwanji and ranbhendi etc.
The fauna includes Bonnett macaque, Langur, Barking deer, Fox, Wild pigs, Panther, Mongoos, Porcupine, Hyena etc. The Major birds found in Matheran are Palm swift, crested Lark, Indian small sky lark, common Green Pigeon, Blue Breasted Barbet.

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