Tikona Trek

Trek Category: Easy to Moderate

Hanging high dauntingly at 3500 above mean sea level There is lots of archaeological treasures yet to be discovered in this Pyramid Mountain fort that promises lot of adventures and surprises as one climbs up till the summit.

Experiences: Nice Road Trip along the approach road while reaching the base village (view of mountains; valleys and lakes); Hill Climb, Exploring Fort, the summit has a great 360 degree view of the surrounding region.

Grade: Moderate

Altitude: 3500 Feet

Location: 20 KM from Lonavala and 60 KM from Pune.

Season: Round the Year (Magical in Monsoon or Winter but can also be done in other seasons as early morning or evening trek)...

Suggested Planned Schedule:  (If you are taking your own transport) target reaching Tikona by 10:00 am.

Start time for travellers from Mumbai 5:45 am
Pickup points:

10:00 am Arrival at Base Village
 Start Trek to Tikona Fort
11:30 pm reach summit, explore fort
Carry Packed lunch / Snack for meal break at fort
02:30 pm Start return trek
04:00 pm Arrival back at base village
Return journey to Lonavala / Kamshet
Evening Tea/Coffee at Food Court 
9:00 pm Arrival back in Mumbai

Standard Trekking Package: (WhatsApp: 9619182010 to get exact commercials that match your requirements).

Rs.5000/- (For a group size up to 9 persons), (Mountain Guide with Safety Equipment and General First Aid Kit)

Rs.7500/- (For a group size 10 to 15 pax), (2 Mountain Guide with Safety Equipment and General First Aid Kit)

Special Corporate or Celebrity Trek Charges:
Rs.10,000/- for a group size of up to 12 persons
Rs.15,000/- for a group size of 15 to 23 persons.

(Mountain Guides with experience to host corporate events along with safety Equipment, First Aid).

Bottled water/ beverages.
Any kind of insurance
Tips etc.
Un-utilized resources will not be refunded.
Anything that is not included is excluded.
Travel budget (by private transport - ask for quote).

Note: Meal cost for Mountain Guides during trek has to be borne by customer.

Note: We can organize stays (Villas and Farm Stay; Camping and Glamping; Resorts and Hotels); transport; "meals for your trek"; "Group or Corporate Events with games, activities, and adventures"; we can customize the whole event to match your requirements.

Note: Adventure sports should always be done under strict supervision of professionals who are experienced and have standard based equipment's to support the activities. We will be happy to help. 


Easy Trek, Ancient Fort Exploration and Exploring Rural Countryside.


Loose comfortable clothes 
- Track pants or Leggings or Comfortable trousers
- T-Shirt (Dry fits preferred); or Comfortable shirts (full sleeves)
- Trekking Shoe or Tough Canvas Shoes
- Cap or Hat
- Rain Wear (Rain coat or Poncho). Small umbrella for people who like photography 
- Mosquito repellent
- Sunscreen
- Water (in proper pet bottle - not disposable bottles) - 2 liters per head.
- Snack Bag (Dry Fruits; Chocolates; Sandwiches; Fruits; Salad item; anything easy to prepare and carry).
 - personal medical kit
- all items to be packed in backpack
Do not carry a music system.

About Tikona Fort

Tikona  also known as Vitandgad is the dominant hill fort in Maval in western India. It is located near Kamshet around 60 km from Pune 20 km from Lonavala, and around 120 km from Mumbai. The village nearest the fort is called Tikona-Peth. The 3500 ft high hill is pyramidal in shape and the name Tikona means "triangle".

The fort is a trekking destination noted for the large doors, the temple of 'Trimbakeshwar Mahadev', a water tank and some Satvahan caves. The fort summit also has commanding views of Pawna dam and the nearby forts of Tung, Lohagad and Visapur.  There are small ponds and water reservoirs at and near the summit.

Tikona Fort as seen from a distance - has Trigular shaped like Pyramid hence the name "Tikona"

How to reach there?
From Lonavala take left from Kumar Resort after Shivaji Putla at Lonavala follow Pawna Road after crossing Pawna Dam take the road on the right going towards Paud. The vehicle will climb ghat road to road till Tikona Peth (Base Village); take the village road going straight going towards the start of the trek. Lonavala to Tikona Petch (distance 20 km).
From Kamshej take Paud Road, after Panna Nagar follow Paud Road till Tikona Peth. From Kamshej to Tikona Peth approximate distance 15 km.

View from Summit

Little is known about the origins of this fort. There is a Vihara on the fort datable to circa seventh-eight centuries A.D. Malik Ahmed Nizamshah of the Nizam dynasty conquered the fort in 1585 and annexed it to the Nizam territory. In 1657, Shivaji brought the whole of Konkan, which had been Nizam territory, under his control when he conquered Tikona along with the forts of Karnala, Lohgad, Mahuli, Songad, Tala, and Visapur. This fort was a strategic nexus: the centre of control for the entire Pawana Mawal region. In 1660, Dhamale family one of the Deshmukh from Maval region was charged with ensuring the security of fort Tikona. Jaysingh invaded the region in 1665 and the local villages were by Dilerkhan but the forts held out. Tikona fort was surrendered to the Mughal warrior Kubadkhan, who had attacked the region together with Halal Khan and others, according to the Treaty of Purandar signed on 12 June 1665. Kubad D Khan took over the fort on 18 June but it was later recaptured by the Marathas.

Tikona down hill during nigh trek
Climbing up the exposed steep stairs
One of the many secret caves at Tikona Fort
More picture

The Chakki

View from Tikona

Entrance to Bale Killa (The fort inside fort)

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