Team Building



Experiential Learning Program (ELP)

Team building with Fun-n-Games, Adventure, Creativity, Sharing and Feedback.. 


Take a hike, Climb a hill, pitch a tent, camp, dance, act, sing, fall, simulate, raft, cat walk, win, loose..

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Nature Knights experiential programs are derived from the concept of a playground, creating a 'micro world'. 

Micro worlds or learning labs, are compress time and space so that it becomes possible to experiment and to learn when the consequence of our decisions can be easily examined, reviewed and improved. Mistakes, errors and achievements made in micro world are learning experiences. Learning can only occur if one takes risks and explores.

Nature Knights designs and facilitates experiential learning programs creating precisely such micro worlds for middle and senior managers / executives to 'Play-n-Learn'. We facilitate environments for relevant play and costs of failed experiments are non-existent. And relationships get transformed.

The Principle and Methodology adopted in our workshop

Learning is more interesting when it is fun. We use the approach of Play-n-Learn.

We learn, 20% of what we read, 
30% of what we hear, 
40% of what we see, 
50% of what we say, 
60% of what we do, 
90% of what we do, say, see, hear, discuss, analyse and read.

The underlying principle of experiential learning program is that participants learn better through action combined with other methods of learning's.

Our Bound experiences, simulations, Eco-adventures and games in the undisturbed environment is aimed at providing experiential learning to individuals and teams.

Our workshop gives an opportunity to go beyond their physical, intellectual and emotional limits and know ones strength and areas of improvement.

Mutual sharing, care and concerns are considered as the tools for understanding each other through participation in the games. Teams are provided an opportunity to develop interpersonal relationship, mutual concern, respect and effective communication.

Living in harmony with nature and living off land as the basis of developing humility and empathy.

Workshop Mediums

Camping and Treks
Art and Craft

Our Approach

Structure of Events

Team Formation
Getting to know each other
Activities addressing specific competencies
Strategic Activity based debrief
Hum Bola

Corporate Objectives for Outbound workshop

Induction Program
Team Building
Creative / Lateral Thinking
Change Management
Conflict Resolution
Crossing Comfort Zones
Effective Communication
Stress Management
Time Management & Productivity
Negotiation Skills

How safe is out bound event?

Safety is ensured by:
Experienced facilitators
Adherence to Standards of Safety & Security
Standards based safe equipment camping gear
Strict maintenance of Discipline & Rules

Experiential Workshop Benefits

Improves communication skills
Enhances team work
Building of trust between team members
Higher motivation levels
Better project management skills
Increased productivity
Improved conflict management skills
Create leadership qualities
Reduce work space stress
Relationships get transformed

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