Cycling Portuguese Trail

“A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke” ...

..explore beautiful virgin Portuguese trail along the seacoast, explore the thrill for all 4 weekends and be part of concluding full-length head to toe expedition of about 65 km! Traverse the entire trail on your own along with like-minded cycling adventurists and feel that the thrill of exploring something on your own!

Bicycles can be arranged for those who do not own the one.

Trail: Andheri – Versova Jetty – Madh Jetty – Aksa beach – Marve – Jetty – Manori – Gorai – Utan via Madh fort, Ice factory, Essel World, Vipasana Pagoda and famous Portuguese churches of the lady of sea and holy magi

Meeting Place: Gods Gift Tower, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West)

Schedule: Explore fort and land
Start from Andheri to Versova and reach Versova Jetty. Cross the creek with your bicycles on ferry boats on the other side to Madh. Start cycling through Fishermans’ small locality near madh to reach madh fort and madh island. Explore the virgin land with pin-drop silence and unexplored land route. The fort is secluded and difficult to reach – it is the last stop on route 271 of BEST bus service. It was built by Portuguese as a watchtower in 17th century. Some famous Bollywood movies like ‘Love Ke Liye Kucch Bhi Karega’ and Manmohan Desai’s 1985 Movie ‘Mard’ have been shot at this location. Many episodes of the popular serial C.I.D are also shot here…!!

Start further towards Aksha and be back by 2pm setting minimum benchmarks of day 1.

Custom Tour Charges: 
Contact us for details (WhatsApp: 9619182010 / email - ) 
Cycle rentals will be on actual. It would be preferable if you get your own cycles (cycle with gears).

Schedule: Explore beach sand
Cycle straight up to the farthest point achieved last week i.e Aksha Beach from Andheri via Versova Jetty. Relax and enjoy the clean beach sand to start further towards Marve. The trail offers some of the best atmospheric calmness irrespective of the time of the day due to canopy of trees on both sides of curvy road. Probably you are the only humans in action on the trail, proud to be women??.

Reach Marve Jetty and take your cycles again on a ferry boat to the other side of Manori and Gorai, the part of the east Indian village of the former Portuguese colony of Bassein. Check out the crumbling holy magi church in Gorai.

Pedal more towards Gorai to reach Essel World and the famous Vipassana Pagoda. Action-packed with peace… Spend a day at Essel World and be back by 8 pm while experiencing the thrill of night cycling.

Camp Fee: Rs.XXX (to be announced) Per Head Per Event; This Camp Fee is for those own Cycles for Cycles Rentals (We will revert back soon).

Adventure Number 3: 
Schedule: Explore best views of paddy on once side and a rock face on the other

Cycle straight up to farthest point achieved last week i.e Gorai Jetty-Manori Tar-To Bhayander Junction crossing both jetties via ferry boats. Set the best benchmarks for cycling on a straight road and move forward towards Utan. Explore the ruins of Bassein fort (once a thriving port of Estado Da India) and buy bottled masala at the tiny shops on your way to the impressive church of our lady of the sea in Utan.

Utan is a small fishing village of main Manori road. The village has still not been swayed by the raves that regularly unfold on the sands of Manori and Gorai. Fishing boats laze on the beach as Bombay Duck dries on lines in front of small shrines of Mother Mary.

Final Adventure - Scaling the Summit of Cycling: 

Marathon Expedition from head to toe of the entire trail explored so far and back! Ladies Ga Ga…

Preparations and things to carry:
The minimal weight of your rucksack is recommended as load starts feeling later once you cycle further. Water bottle, sunscreen Cream, extra money, headgear/cap and sunglasses are must recommend. Avoid wearing dark colour clothes and slippers/sandals/heels. Jogging shoes are best for cycling. Waist pouches too can come very handy for things that require frequent usage during the day. You can carry packed lunch in the morning till evening cycling days.

Be a Proud Eco Adventurist!

Bicycles provide numerous benefits compared to motor vehicles, including exercise, an alternative to the use of fossil fuels, no air or noise pollution, much reduced traffic congestion, easier parking, greater manoeuvrability, and access to both roads and paths. The advantages are at a less financial cost to the user as well as society (negligible damage to roads, and less pavement required). 


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