Waterfall Rappelling and Trek at Kune

Location (Lonavala and Khandala)

Waterfall Rappelling and Trek in paradise .. Aati kya Khandala

Event Date: September 2, 2012.

The actual waterfall rappelling would be around 80 feet and trek up and down would be around two hours.

Nature Knights Team will be equipped with seasoned professionals and safety gear to support participating trekkers freshers as-well-as seasoned

About Kune Falls

Kune Falls is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Khandala. It is located centrally within the Lonavala Khandala valley. The Kune Falls is worth admiring. The Kune Falls is surrounded by lush green vegetation. People often hold picnics around the region of the falls. Innumerable number of tourists from various parts of the country visit this famous site annually. The waterfall is divided into 2 sections. Every part of the falls is almost 100 meters high. 

In order to reach Kune Falls tourists should catch the Mumbai Pune Expressway and then stop at the Lonavala bypass. From there they should avail any buses or local transport that takes the Mumbai-Pune highway route. On reaching Kune tourists should be able to spot the most eminent landmark, which is the Kune Church. From there tourists can walk the path till they arrive the Falls of Kune. 

Camp Fee: Rs.1550/- (Members Rs.100/- discount).

Includes Transport, Road Tolls, Waterfall Rappelling, Trek, Breakfast (Standard South Indian Snack with Tea or Coffee) and Evening (Snack with Tea or Coffee)

Kindly carry your own packed lunch (see suggestion for packed lunch and Water).

Suggestions for packed lunch: (Sandwiches); Thepla; Potato Vegetable; Roti; Boiled Eggs; Ready to eat canned food; home cooked roti / dry vegetable; Puran Poli; Bread / Cheese slice / spread; Potato Vada; Bread; etc..you can get creative; We will have multi-cultural buffet. Carry tetra packed buttermilk.)

Also carry some chocolates; biscuits; salad items; 3 liters water per head for on-the-way in-between meals and water.

Tentative Schedule

6:00am Start from Andheri West, S. V. Road, Near Merwans Bakery, Outside Bus Depot
6:15am Santruz (East), Western Express Highway
6:20 am Bandra Kalanagar Junction (At end of Sky Walk).
6:25 am Sion Station
6:35 am Chembur (Opp. Akbar Allis Departmental Store)
6:50 am Vashi (Station Road and Highway Junction)
8:00 am Breakfast at Khandala
Option (Idli; Medu Wada; Dosa; Bata Wada (With Tea or Coffee).
09:30 am Trek Starts at Khandas
Induction and Introduction before beginning the adventure
Trek and Waterfall Rappelling
Expected windup time at Khandala / Lonavala 5:00pm 
5:45 pm Start from Mumbai
9:45 pm Expected Arrival back at Mumbai.

Check List

Food and Water: Packed Lunch and Water (3 liters per head)


Track pants or tights or any comfortable clothes (avoid heavy jeans)

Full sleeves T-shirt, (you may carry spare change clothes)

Carry Spare Swimming trunks, light towel  

Rain wear (Poncho, or Short light Raincoat), Rain Cap or Hat
Regular Sun Cap or Hat
Hand Towel

Other mandatory items
Flash light with spare batteries
Pack all items in plastic bags before packing it in your backpack or ruck sack
Pack everything in your backpack properly. Light items on top and bottom side of bag, heavy item towards center and towards your shoulder and body. Use compression straps to tighten the bag from all sides so that items inside the bag do not keep shifting. 

Optional items

Comb and pocket mirror
Change Clothes
personal medical kit
Mosquito repellent 
Camera (preferable all weather camera)

Eco-Adventure Code

We strongly believe in traveling in small groups, and follow the principle leave only footprints and take only memories.

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