The name Ladakh means (the land of many passes). La means (a mountain passes) dhak means (Many). This description / definition describe only a small part of Ladakh.

Ladakh a land of Stark contrasts. You could get a frost bite and sun burn at the same time. A land of high passes and deep gorges. A arid land without a blade of grass and rich green valleys. A land of festivals, celebrations and friendly people to a contrast of climatic conditions so harsh that even the tough and seasoned Nomadic tribes have to be on move just to survive. know more about Ladakh

Ladakh Holiday Packaged for year 2020

Sample Tours below:

13 Nights and 14 Days - 
Manali - Leh - Kashmir Trans Himalayan Safari 360 degrees 
10 Nights and 11 Days - 
Manali - Leh Trans Himalayan Safari

8 Nights and 9 Days - Incredible Ladakh

Ladakh Safari - 9 Nights and 10 Days click here

Ladakh Safari - 12 Nights and 13 Days click here

Ladakh Savoy - 12 Nights and 13 Days click here

Ladakh Devine Glory - 13 Nights and 14 Days click here

Ladakh Once in a Life Time Experience - click here

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