The sun had already risen, chirping of various birds could already be heard, with the cool weather and snugged in around with our comfy warm clothes we walked down to the banks of the incessant and pleasant Bhatsa river which just overlooked our nestled property. It was all embraced with mist and birds flying over it. We gathered up some dry grass, assembled twigs, and lit the fire. We were solaced with the warmth and kindled up the little joys while brewing up some good strong coffee. We touched down and clinked our mugs which were added up with deep conversations with us being ready to bid adieu to the year full of cherished moments and this just being quintessential to add up to our memories “being seized in the moment”.

The Special Bhatsai Smoked Coffee (best had with Bun Maska and freshly made Bhurji Pav). And it can only taste that good with the cool air, water, and landscape that goes in the … not to forget the good company …

Nostalgic moments, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”

Looking forward to my next assignment... the last breakfast of 2022 after smoked coffee. Life goes on.

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