Vaitarna Riverside Camping

NatureKnights Community Camping and Backpacking Trip to Vaitarna Riverside Camp

Date: March 25th, 2023 (Saturday to Sunday)

Location: Vaitarna River, Nearest Railway Station (Saphale), 20 minutes' drive by rickshaw from station to campsite. 

Planned Experiences:

Camping Experience by the River, 2 Hours local mountain hike, Sky Watch, Backpacking

Camping Contribution: Rs.1500/- per person.

Inclusions: Saphale and Campsite and Back (Travel by Rickshaw Public Transport in Group), Camping, Evening Tea/Snack, Dinner, Breakfast, Stay in Tent, Campfire...

Complimentary Experience: Trek and other experiences. 

Tentative Plan:

3:30 pm Meeting at Saphale Railway Station

Transfer from Saphale Railway Station to Campsite by Rickshaw

4:00 pm Arrival at campsite, tent allocation, evening tea/snack

Rest and Introduction 

8:00 pm Sky Watch 

9:00 pm Dinner

10:00 pm Campfire

5:00 pm Hike up the hill

Exploring hike Countryside, Pond, River and Hills...

7:00 pm Cool down by Raindance (Optional)
Community Shower or Dance while you shower if you must...

Dinner, Campfire, Sky Gazing etc...

                                                                          Day 2

Morning Exploring...

Pack up after breakfast, return journey.

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