Corporate Services

Our Specialization:

Consulting and Project Management in setting up Glamour Campsites and Glamping Resorts.
Consulting in Business Development and Mentoring (Sales and Marketing Team)
Corporate Team Building
Experiential Learning Program (ELP)
Outbound Learning Program

Corporate Offsite Events and Conferences
  • Corporate Adventure Outings
  • Corporate Picnics and Recreation Tours
  • Picnics and Gala Nights
  • Partner / Channel Meets
  • Sports Day
  • Corporate / Group Camping Trips
  • Corporate / Group Treks
  • Corporate Group Activities and Custom Experiences
  • Camping
  • Treks
  • Cycling Tours
  • Offbeat Road Trips and Biking Tours
  • Sailing, White Water Rafting and Kayaking Tours
  • Heritage Tours
  • Easy to Extreme Mountain Adventures (Climbing; Rappelling; Canyoning; Valley Crossing; High Rope Activities etc)
  • Obstacles Courses / Dynamic Challenge Course / Mud and Slush Runs / Mountain Obstacle Challenges etc.
  • Mega Treasure Hunts Events
  • Soft Skills and De-Stress Session with Art and Creativity Workshops.
  • Multi-Day Road Trip Adventures and Expeditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR Consulting and Execution)

Note: We can create custom experiences.

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