Rock Climbing

Rock climbing provides your team a new and exciting way to break down boundaries and encourage socialization and team building in a different environment.

Heavily reliant on good communication, trust, problem solving and team encouragement, this activity is ideal for a corporate team building exercise. Shedding formality and getting physically active. Of safety is always our priority; your group will appreciate getting out of the office or stuffy conference room to explore their abilities as a team. Rock climbing is fun and challenging, and it’s suitable for all age groups.

Time Required: Minimum half day can be extended to 3 days. We can combine other activities like rappelling; valley crossing; jumaring; rescue operation; rope management etc to make it a complete program; Or blend it around other team building activities.

Some of the locations activity is possible on Natural Rock Surface:

Lonavala; Karjat; Madap; Panchgani; Mahabaleshwar; North of Mumbai etc.

Few Insights:

Team Work

Know more about Experiential Learning Program

At Nature Knights we know that each customer requirement is unique and hence each activity / experience is bespoke (custom) designed to meet these unique deliverable.

Important note: Executing Experiential Adventure Corporate Offsite requires team of experienced and qualified facilitators; adventure professional. Safety equipments meeting safety standards are essential. Its worth partnering with the right Corporate Offsite Specialist company for your employee engagement program as your offsite objectives; safety of employees; money and time are very precious.

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