Koraigad Trek

Koraigad (also called Korigad, Koarigad or Kumwarigad) 

Trek can be covered during daytime, evening or as a Night Trek, Easy grade trek that takes you at a vantage point from one gets a Bird's Eye View of Ambi Valley (Model Hill Station Township), Ancient fort exploration, few old temple complexes, during monsoon and early winter the fort also has couple of small ponds, Exploring Rural countryside near Koraigad, On the way back we will also stop at Tiger Leap Hill.

Eco-Adventure Tourism (Take only memories, leave only footsteps) 
Responsible Tourism ('Responsible travel is not only better for our world, it's also more interesting and memorable. Responsible tourism is the future of travel.)

Altitude: The fort is located about 923 m (3,028 ft) above sea level, rising over 200 m (660 ft) higher than the neighboring valleys.

Trek Grade: Easy (Suitable for beginners and children too).
Experience Category: Trek easy grade climbing a hill fort (around one hour to one and half hour climb; less than one hour to descend; plus, time spend exploring the fort).
Location: 20 KM from Lonavala along Ambi Valley Route (Base village - Peth Shahpur village)

Best Season: the best season is Monsoon and Winter, but it is good round the year.
In Summers a Good Trek for Mornings and Evening...

Duration: One Day trip from Pune / Mumbai.

Who is it for? Families with kids / Individuals / reasonably Senior Citizens interested in getting first time introduced to trekking with an easy grade. 

Total Duration of Trek (Up and Down the Hill - 3 hours).

Total Distance 1.5 KM one way.

Recommended Schedule:

Option 1:

8:30 am Lonavala
20 KM Drive from Lonavala to Base Village (45 minutes)
Optional - Tapri Chai / Biscuit / Snack at Base village
9:30 / 10:00 am Start of trek
60 to 90 minutes easy trek to the summit from base village
30 minutes of Exploring the fort
12:00 pm Return Trek from summit to base village
01:00 pm / 01:30 pm Start return Journey to Lonavala from base village
02:30 pm Back at Lonavala

Option 2:

3:00 pm Lonavala
20 KM Drive from Lonavala to Base Village (45 minutes)
Optional - Tapri Chai / Biscuit / Snack at Base village
4:30 pm Start of trek
60 minutes easy trek to the summit from base village
30 minutes of Exploring the fort
5:30 pm Return Trek from summit to base village
6:30 pm Start return Journey to Lonavala from base village
07:30 pm Back at Lonavala

Standard Trekking Package for Custom Group Treks:

Standard Commercials for One Day Easy to Moderate Grade Treks near Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

Rs.5000/- (For a group size up to 9 persons), (One Mountain Guide)

Rs.7500/- (For a group size 10 to 15 pax), (Two Mountain Guides)


Special Corporate or Senior Citizen Special Trek Charges:

Rs.10,000/- for a group size of up to 12 persons (2 Mountain Guides)

Rs.15,000/- for a group size of 14 to 30 people. (3 Mountain Guides).



  • Mountain Guide/s
  • Basic First Aid



  • Meals
  • Bottled water/ beverages.
  • Any kind of insurance
  • Tips etc.
  • Un-utilized resources will not be refunded.
  • Anything that is not included is excluded.
  • Travel budget (by private transport - ask for quote).

Note: We can organize stays (Villas and Farm Stay; Camping and Glamping; Resorts and Hotels); transport; "meals for your trek"; "Group or Corporate Events with games, activities, and adventures"; we can customize the whole event to match your requirements.

Note: Adventure sports should always be done under strict supervision of professionals who are experienced and have standard based equipment's to support the activities. We will be happy to help. 


Easy Trek, Ancient Fort Exploration and Exploring Rural Countryside, Amazing landscapes, flora with amazing birdlife and insect life.

Contact: 9619182010 for Inquiries and Booking

asif@natureknights.net / natureknights@gmail.com

Night Trek

More about Korigad Fort

Korigad (Koraigad, Koarigad / Kumwarigad) is a hill fort located about 20 km South of Lonavala in the Maval region is the Koraigad fort which offers a panoramic view of the Deccan Plateau as well as the Konkan region. To get here you have to take the INS Shivaji Road from Lonavala to Ghusalkhamb, Peth-Shahpur and Ambawawne, the village at the foothill. From here is a slightly arduous path through moderately thick forest leads to a flight of steps that take you to the main entrance of the fort. From the village of Peth-Shahpur you can see Koraigad hill rising like a steep wall. Its height is 3000 feet from mean sea level, but the height from Peth Shahpur to the top is about 800-1000 feet. The path to the forest goes along a flat plain for quite a while before entering the forest just below the fort. From here to the main doorway is a steep climb, through dense vegetation. Among the various trees which can be found here are fig, mango, bamboo, hirda, kokum, nirgudi, karti, raanwangi, ghasodi. Occasional rare spotting of barking deer, boars, peacocks, doves are among the animals and birds found here. Half-way along the path to the left, you can see a carved Ganpati idol in a rock. Further ahead, just short of the main doorway, is a water tank, containing cool and fresh water. On entering the main door, you find a cannon lying to one side. To the left is the main gateway, the Ganesh Gate. From here far to the left, you can see the Duke’s Nose and the INS Shivaji area, while straight ahead is the Jambhuli mountain range beyond which is Tungi hill. The southern side of the fort has a temple dedicated to Koraidevi. The roof of this temple had been blown away some time ago, but now some enthusiasts have got together and had a new roof fixed. Outside the temple are two stone lamps. Inside is a four feet tall idol of the goddess. Behind the temple, adjacent to the ramparts of the fort, this is by far the largest. To the south is the well-fortified Ambavane gateway. There are two lakes on the hill where often groups of vultures' hover. Visible from here are the Mulshi lake, the Bhamburda mountain and Durga hill. The western part of the fort contains some caves and an idol of Vishnu. From the northern bastion of the fort, there is a panoramic view of the Konkan area.

Things to explore on the fort, there are few temples on the fort to its patron goddess Koraidevi also exists along with several smaller temples to dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. The former has been recently renovated and has a 3-foot-high Deepmala (tower of lamps). The interesting part of the fort is that its wall is completely intact and one can walk along its entire perimeter (about 2 km). Its massive gate is also intact. Several ruins of older structures within the fort still exist. It has six cannons - the largest of which is called the Laxmi Toph and is located near the Korai devi temple.

This fort was captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji along with the forts of Lohagad, Visapur, Tung and Tikona in 1657. On March 11, 1818, Colonel Prother tried to take over this fort but even after a prolonged siege could not make any headway. Finally on 14 March, by igniting the stored ammunition by means of a loose cannon ball he succeeded and this fort went to the British

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