How to select good camping site

Holidays are coming...

We all are planning Holidays that are fresh; unwinding; rejuvenating and away from the mad rate race of cities and from the maddening crowd of tourist places..

Some of the most amazing holidays experiences you can plan is camping holiday or Eco-tourism experiences in camping farms in offbeat locations...

Checklist of how does one select a camping experience that will be good rather than a nightmare...

Top ten points while selecting a camping ground:

1) Stay; especially in summer or monsoon it can get very important. At the end of the day one must have a nice comfortable, neat and clean; dry place; and one that has cooling facility (AC/Air Cooler or Fan at-least). Definitely not small, sweaty and cramped-up and tiny  tents where you can barely stretch your legs are can't even stand erect. The size of the tent also matters, any decent camping site will at-least have (8 feet x 8 feet x 6 feet high tents for double sharing) and for triple/quad occupancy the tent should be event bigger.

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2) Food; Camping ground should have a good quality and quantity food; wholesome; and hygiene. Don't forget to check the kitchen. Even if you would like to experience a rural stay; the basic hygiene conditions should be followed as you may be far away from getting immediate medical access. Getting ill at a remote location will definitely spoil your holiday and also for those who are travelling with you.

3) How is the camping ground? is it a small cramped space less than one or half an acre from where you can see the neighboring camping sites or well spread out.

4) Are there enough trees; greenery; and abundance of natural beauty around.

5) What all Nature experiences does it offer; Farms and Farming; Orchards; Forest Trails; Hills; River; Gaushala; Village Experiences; etc.... 

6) Washrooms 
Check what type of washrooms do they have; and also how many if it is a common set of washrooms

Do they have hot and cold showers etc.

7) Adventure activities: High-rope activities; Swim in natural rivers with full safety of life jackets and life guard; climbing; obstacle courses etc.

7) Does it have facilities Indoor games / recreations like: Board Games; Books for reading; Cycles; Archery; Art kits etc. 

8) Other to Dos; Campfire; Barbecue; Cooking in Wild etc.

9) Privacy; does the camping ground offer you enough privacy; solitude or its more like a market pace; Also check what kind of crowd is comes for camping there. If you are looking for a quiet place and the crowd is party types... Loud music etc. You will have a nightmare.

10) Last but the most important; How is the host? The attitude and passion of the host team towards Hospitality is most important, that can make or spoil your camping experience.

11) Also check what are the other amenities available at the camping ground like (Barbecue Kits; Extra Stoves/cooking vessels in case you may want to try some outdoor cooking; hammocks; chairs; tables; gazebos; walking tracks near by; pond or lakes for a swim; fishing kits; books; board games; few out door games; etc.

Also are you getting it at right price... there is a thin line between cheap and value for money. Quality does not come cheap; but then you understand that. Also remember this review is for a camping ground not a resort. So if you are planning a resort kind of experience you may as well check into a resort...

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