Jispa to Meeroo

 A land of Stark contrasts. You could get a frostbite and sunburn at the same time. A land of high passes and deep gorges. An arid land with hardly a blade of grass and rich green valleys. A land of festivals, celebrations and friendly people to a contrast of climatic conditions so harsh that even the tough and seasoned Nomadic tribes have to be on move just to survive.

But the road trip between Jispa to Meeroo... is one of the most Nostalgic, Romantic and Adventurous I have ever experienced.  

The landscapes here are larger than life. You will never get to see a blue sky like the one you see here, nor the skyscape at night. 

Blue Sheep - Baharal

Prayer Flags

Morrey Plains

Hot geezer  near Pso Kar 

Bar Headed Geese 

Himalayan marmots

Wild Ass

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