Siddhagad Adventure Feedback

Siddhagad Adventure 2013, A Yaadgaar Trip

 Thanks Asif. You and your team have done an incredible effort to help the group of 16 people  get through this trek. The heavy rains, the climb against the waterfall, trekking in pitch dark, the edgy mountains were all very scary, difficult and memorable moments of my life and I am glad that we were in best hands to protect us and guide us. Thanks for such a patience. Special thanks to Arif, for he was partnered with me in the evening when it got dark and we still had a long way to descend  the rocky mountains. He was very encouraging and patient to guide me on a 2-3 hours descend through the late evening and into the night. 

Thanks to Dimple, Rajesh for stepping up and volunteering to take the lead in helping trekkers with least experience. It was very generous of them to go beyond and help people. Thanks to Dyanesh for keeping our minds away from fear by ensuring a cheerful and encouraging mood among the team. Is Darr ke aage jeet thaa aur it was all made possible because of the incredible team of Nature knights .. Above all, thanks to God for keeping us all safe and sound .. Siddhagad will be etched as one of my 'Yaadgaar' moments.

Asif n Dhyanesh - there seems to be something about Sidhagad which always throws up a surprise. Great that all got back safely. This trek had everything that one could wish for - patches of challenging climbs , great weather , green and wet landscapes , fantastic team members , unplanned night trek ..... wonderful memories to cherish , long after the limbs return to normalcy. Thanks for putting me through the grill.

Shrivardhan Mohta 


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