Nature Knights: chadar trek 2014

Nature Knights: chadar trek 2014:
DATE: Feb 8, 2014

One of the Top 10 Treks in the world and also one of the most unique and different from any other treks..

It is a 7 day trek in extreme cold conditions. It is a winter trek over a frozen river in Ladakh. Average mean temperature during the day is minus 15 and during nights temperatures fall to minus 25 and 30. The desolate trek is over the ever changing Chadar frozen river. Ice forms, breaks and changes colour on the river every few hours. At places the Chadar (or ice) does not form over the river. Trekkers have to forge a new trail climbing over snow covered steep rocky banks of the river to again descend to a spot on the river where the ice is more stable. read on..

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