Nature Knights: Bhimashankar Sidi-ghat Trek

Nature Knights: Bhimashankar Sidi-ghat Trek:
Date: August 4th, 2013.

Adventure Trek and Rock Climbing for Amateurs in company of experienced trekkers; Don't forget your swimming trunks and towel.
You and Your Friends Welcome to Join Nature Knights on a Great Eco-Adventure...

Trek Route Khandas Village to Base of Sidi Ghat - [30 to 40 Minutes] (Grade Easy) Sidi Ghat Climb - Climb [30 to 40 Minutes] (Grade Challenging, Steep slope)  Lunch and Chill Out on Sidi Ghat Plateau [Time Spend 2 Hours] (Grade - Chill Out) Traverse Across Plateau [Over Sidi Ghat] - 40 Minutes (Grade Easy) Down Hill Climb via Ganesh Ghat - [Approx 60 Minutes] (Grade Easy) Swim in Stream on the way back - [60 Minutes] (Grade - Chill Out)

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