Mount Everest Base Camp Trek Route Map

Mount Everest Summit from South Col

Scaling Mount Everest Summit, is every Trekkers, Every Mountaineers dream.. But it takes lots of preparation, team work, strategy, equipment and gear; and tons of Will Power to do it.

Everest from the South Side in Nepal 

Base Camp - 17,500 feet (5350 meters)

South Col Route up Mt. Everest. Base camp is located at 17,500 feet and it the most popular route to Summit of Highest Mountain Peak in the World. This is where climbers begin their true trip up the mountain. This is also where support staff often remain to monitor the expeditions and provide medical assistance when necessary. Many organizations offer hiking trips which just go to base camp as the trip is not technically challenging (though you must be very fit).

From base camp, climbers typically train and acclimate (permitting the body to adjust to the decreased oxygen in the air) by traveling and bringing supplies back and forth through the often treacherous Khumbu Icefall. This training and recuperation continues throughout the climb, with the final summit push often being the only time to climbers do not go back and forth between camps to train, bring supplies, and recuperate for the next push. .. 
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The Great Mount Everest Base Camp Expedition 2013
(Trek to EBC and Kalapathar)
(By Nature Knights)

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