Nature Knights: Mountaineering Adventure at Ratnagiri Bhate Beach

Nature Knights: Mountaineering Adventure at Ratnagiri Bhate Beach:

Take your time out for your self to experience life time experiences..

Few Moments of Truth...

Standing at the edge of the cliff I saw an ant size man looking up,
I did not have to strain my ears to listen 
to the wooofering aggression of the coastal winds 
and the raising applaud of the waves.. 
my eyes had developed magnified vision 
and could clearly see the surf of the water, 
 a tingly sensation developed under my feet, 
cheeks were a blush of red, 
adrenaline juice was ready to explode in my belly, 
all my senses were 100% alert, 
time froze in suspense as I turned around taking my position to take first few steps on the cliff face.. 
for true prayers that were to come of my heart it should be now, 
for it was the moment of truth now that it was my turn to walk down the great cliff hanger path..

The Big Sea Cliff Rappelling (300 Feet)
Caving below the Sea Level
Rock Climbing
Beach Volley Ball
Swim in Ratnagiri Pristine Beaches
Enjoy Aroma's of Malwan Food

A Long Adventure Weekend at Ratnagiri Beach..

Join Nature Knights - Mountaineering Mandalam Adventure..

Event Date: December 15th Night to December 18th Late Night

Rock Climbing

Lets Live Beyond The Edge (Discover the New U)

That tingling sensation below your feet..

Cliff Rappelling

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