Event: Off-Beat and Un-Explored Trek "Chowk - Umberwadi - Matheran"

A trek along with Less explored trail

Farms, Hills, Lakes, Climbs, and finally the forest on Mountain Head..

The trek ends with a Horse Ride from Matheran Station till Dasturi Naka..

Nature Beckons

Event Date: November 27, 2011 

Camp Fee: Rs.650/- per head. (Rs.100/- discount for Members).


Travel Panvel to Chowk (Public Bus)
Horse Ride from Matheran Market to Dasturi Nake
Matheran to Neral (Share Cab)
Early Morning Breakfast at Chowk


Food is not included, food will be charged on actual cost
Does not include bottled water


Day 1: November 27, 2011

Meeting place: 

6:00 am Kurla Station West (Near Ticket Counter). Buy your harbour line tickets before meeting.. Ideally report 15 minutes in advance.

7:00 am Panvel Station 
Quick breakfast at Panvel Station
Travel from Panvel to Chowk by Public Bus

(Train timings from Kurla to Panvel between 5:30 am to 7:00 am).
Kurla (Start) - Panvel (Arival)
5:36 am   -    6:27 am
5:58 am  -   6:48 am
6:14 am  -   7:03 am
6:24 am  -  7:13 am
6:48 am  -  7:37 am
6:54 am  - 7:43 am

Trek - Chowk - Umberwadi - Matheran (6 hrs)

4:00 pm Arrival at Matheran
Lunch at Matheran / Chill out rest
5:00 pm Horse Ride from Matheran Market to Dasturi Naka
Dasturi Naka to Neral Share Cab Travel
Train Journey from Neral towards Mumbai

(Train timings / Options for Return Local Train Journey from Neral)..

Nerul 16:45 - Thane 17:16
Nerul 17:29 - Thane 18:00
Nerul 18:03 - Thane 18:35 
Panvel 18:25- Nerul 18:46 - Thane 19:11 FAST TRAIN 
Nerul 18:51 - Thane 19:22
Panvel 18:52 - Nerul 19:17 - Thane 19:48 TIPS
Nerul 19:29 - Thane 20:00 
Nerul 20:09 - Thane 20:40

Replenishment Checklist:

Things to carry to keep your event cool and pleasant
1) Two Water Bottles  for day of trek (Kept overnight in Deep Freezer). Wrap in thin towel and plastic before keeping it in bag
2) Carry Electrol / Glucose-D / Chocolates for replenishment of salts and sugar
3) Chocolates
4) Seasonal Fruits (2 or 3 of them)
.5) Eggs, Sprouts or similar items with Bread / Thepla or Parathas 6) Wear Hat or Cap with good shade to protect yourself from sun. 
7) Sun Screen
8) Thin Cotton Full Sleeves t-shirts are a good idea
9) Wear a wet handkerchief around neck that helps in cooling your body.
10) Wearing (Tights or Shorts or three fourth shorts) of material that has a little stretch helps. If you are wearing shorts make sure wear a socks that is long enough to cover most of your exposed skin below your knee on you legs.

11) Always keep a Pocket Knife, and Small Flash light handy.
12) Keep yourself hydrated.. replenish at regular intervals in small quantities.. water/ nibbles of fruits / etc..

Other checklist
Wear Strong Canvas or Trekking Shoes
Do not wear heavy jeans or Formal / High Heal Shoes
Carry Spare Slippers or floaters
Carry your personal emergency medicine
Do not make to bag too heavy.


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