Vangni Waterfall Rappelling

The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush... Experience the Power of Nature.. 

Waterfall (Power Rappelling) at Vangni..

Date:Sept 18, 2011
Meeting Place and Time: Vangni Station - 8:00 am
Camp Fee: Rs.800/-  (Rs.100/- Discount for Members).
Includes (Rappelling and Introduction; Breakfast; Hi-Tea and Rick Fare from Vangni to Base Village).
Half an hour trek

Checklist - (Carry Change Clothes; Towel; Rain Wear; Packed Lunch and Food).
Group Leader- Nimesh Patel - 9820169693
Contact: 24 x 7 available on SMS / email - M. Asif - 9821081566 ( )

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The Sport: (Waterfall Rappelling / Canyoneering)

Canyoneering is a brand new sport that’s becoming very popular all over the world. Western Ghats have many waterfalls and flowing streams that offer plenty of opportunity to enjoy this sport.   

This unique, multi-sport adventure combines rappelling, down-climbing and river tracing in a deep valleys. Exploring trails following down the steep waterfalls is an adventure experience of a lifetime – go where very few have had the privilege to roam! Imagine yourself in the midst thick forest at the top of tropical waterfalls with 
surprises each step of the way.

Check list

Track pants or tights or any comfortable clothes (avoid heavy jeans)

Full sleeves T-shirt, (you may carry spare change clothes)

Carry Spare Swimming trunks, light towel  

Rain wear (Poncho, or Short light Raincoat), Rain Cap or Hat
Regular Sun Cap or Hat
Hand Towel

Other mandatory items
Flash light with spare batteries
Water (2 liters per head)
Packed Lunch for day 2 (For those coming only for one day camp).
Pack all items in plastic bags before packing it in your backpack or ruck sack
Pack everything in your backpack properly. Light items on top and bottom side of bag, heavy item towards center and towards your shoulder and body. Use compression straps to tighten the bag from all sides so that items inside the bag do not keep shifting. 

Optional items
Comb and pocket mirror
personal medical kit
Mosquito repellent 

Eco-Adventure Code

We strongly believe in traveling in small groups, and follow the principle leave only footprints and take only memories.

Important: Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs not allowed in "House of Yoga" and during adventure sports.

Local Trains (CST to Karjat).

Vangni Station comes before Karjat on CST - Karjat line.

ime S / FTime S / FTime S / FTime S / FTime S / F
04:40 S05:19 S05:41 S06:50 F08:39 F
08:42 F09:34 F10:44 F11:17 F12:52 F
13:40 F14:49 F16:10 F18:24 F19:00 F
19:47 F20:51 F22:16 F22:40 S23:28 S
00:38 S

S – Slow train
F – Fast train

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