Food Trip - A Trip for People who Love to Feast with Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and all their Heart..

Food Trip to Nagpada, Bhindi Bazaar and Mohammed Ali Road.. A Walking trip to treat your apatite..

Plenty of Options:

All types of Kababs, Nans, Halwa Puris, Mal Puaa and more.. see detailed list below the picture..

Date and Day: August 26 (8pm). at Entrance of Nagpada or meet us later at the food stalls, just call us..

End Time: No fixed end time.. you may checkout whenever you like..


Contact: Asif - 9821081566 / Nimesh - 9820169693

Non-Veg Delights:

Seek Kababs
Khili, Kaleji, Tandoored Mutton,
Chicken Hakimi
Chicken Sanju baba
Paya Nalli, Mutton, Tail and Toungue stirred and Simmered for hours and yield a thick, delicately flavoured gravy.
Khameeri Rotis (in Bakeries)
Divine patrel valiya ni biryani, which, as the name suggests, is a biryani made out of patrel instead of rice.
Tawa Items of Chicken and Mutton
Khima Pav
Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Firni. Rabdi malpuva
Ice Creams
Channa Chat
Alu Chat
Also Try:
Sublime malai khaja, A Flaky, Syrupy Puff Pastry that holds a sinful blob of cream. Also worth a try is the heavy, Cake-like Ghevar
Also Available:

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