"Is Courage.. resistance to fear, mastery of fear or absence of fear."

M. Asif

    • Simple Sonal Desai it's over coming fear!

    • Prashant Bari It is Taking Action in the Presence of Fear.

    • Ram Nathan ‎"veeram na enna theriyuma? Bhayam illadha madiri nadikanum!!"

      This is a dialogue by Kamal hasan in the 1995 remake of Krodh, which means...

      "You know whats Courage? It's acting like you don't have fear"

    • NatureKnights Asif The balance between you controlling your fear, than letting your fear control you..
    • Sanjay Chhimwal well, i think it is not the absence of fear but mastery of fear.

    • Sajit Mohanan Fear is a reaction.
      Courage is a decision.

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