Challenge Events

"The World is not for us to inherit but for us to cherish and gift it to the future generation"
Challenge Events
Nature Knights and Childreach International India.

Adventure of reaching or completion of an Challenge by conquering the limit of impossibility by improving the lives of the others in the meaningful and sustainable way is a challenge event.

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Few Challenges Lined up the Year 2011 (Tentative Schedule)

Challenge Events
Feb 13
Fight for a Cause (Paint Ball Challenge) – (Pilot Project)
Andheri West, Mumbai
Mar 12th and 13th
Eco-Adventure Challenge (Multiple Obstacle Challenge Cross Country – The Greater Marathon). – (Pilot Project)

Apr 16th to 17th
Fight for a Cause (The Great Paint Ball Challenge)
Mumbai or Lonavala
May 1st
Wild Chefs Challenge - (Camping and Cooking Challenge in Wilderness)
Lonavala, Karnala, or Shahpur
May 17th to Jun 4th
Mount Everest Base Camp Challenge
Jun 5th
The Konkan Cycling Challenge - On Cross Roads
(We can have flag off at Gateway of India)
Raigad District (Konkan Belt)
Jun 25th to July 9th
Kilimanjaro Challenge
Jul 15th to Jul 31st
Biking Challenge – Don’t Be an Idiot (Biking , Delhi - Himachal – Ladakh)
Delhi – Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir – Punjab – Delhi
Aug 14th to Aug 15th
Trek-a-Thon Treasure Hunt Challenge – The March to Summit
Maharashtra (Forts around Lonavala Region)
Aug 29
The Great Himalayan Cycling Challenge
Himachal Pradesh
Nov 12th  to 13th
The Greater Eco-Adventure Challenge Race (Multiple Obstacle Challenge Cross Country).

Details to be put up shortly...

The Challenge Events

          Unique & Innovative philanthropic program
          Adventure tourism + Social Tourism
          “Purposeful Volun-tourism”, style of adventure

Main Objective

          Improve the lives of the others in a meaningful and sustainable way.
Making a difference to a community in need where there is very little or no government support

For Whom

          They are children-most marginalized
         whom you come across at every red light- crossing on streets - while being driven to your work station every morning, and
          also those hapless scared and silent ones living in about two-third of Indian rural earth

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