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Live life the Goan way

Experience the Joie de Vivre lifestyle which the Goans themselves call susegad,  which is rooted, among other things, in deep enjoyment of food and drink .Goan are fond of the good things in life and are certainly not caught up in the rat race. Siesta is an important part of life in Goa with shops downing their shutters from one to four the most Goans retiring for the afternoon. Though the people of Goa are of different faiths and from different cultural backgrounds, they have come together to create the easygoing Goan culture with its emphasis on good living.

Home stay

Experience the hospitality of the host family and the unique feeling imparted while staying in a home and interacting with the Goans themselves.


Code - VGP Residence

Take a plunge in history with Goan family in the Latin Quarter of Panjim, which is the oldest Latin colony of Asia. The place stands suitably well located from the airport and the tourist destinations of Goa. The home is a good blend of privacy and being able to mingle with the family, as the first floor is completely given out to visitors, while the Goan couple on the ground floor. Guests can make themselves comfortable in the ancient ancestral furniture and dive straight into the stories of each and every artifact, which decorate the spacious wooden floored living room. The most charming place of the house is the balcony that overlooks the street. The original wrought iron railings are still intact and durable from when the house was built. The balcony is also home to a fascinating object of historical importance; the bust of Mahatma Gandhi, by legendary anti-Portuguese nationalist, he was a renowned journalist who wrote by the pen-name of Scorpion, and took the onus of bringing the Mahatma's ashes to immerse in the Mandovi River.

Goan family wife are extremely generous to share numerous stories and anecdotes about the house and the area for an enjoyable stay.

Code  - Ethnic Heritage Hotels

Experience staying in vintage Heritage Hotels, experience at any if the 3 century Old heritage  Hotels of Goa. All rooms are tastefully furnished with Antique Furniture and Contemporary Indian Art, have Character and offer a Romantic Holiday in Goa with an aura of Old World Charm , Colonial Feel and make for a Ride Down Memory Lane !

These Heritage Hotels are of the same genesis and are synonomous with sustainable Heritage Conservation and Preservation and extend Goa Tourism beyond the beaches to a Latin Quarter Ambience of Romance and Nostalgia. The in house Gallery Gitanjali showcases modern Art all over the three properties which together with the antique furnishings makes for an air of surreal beauty.

The Panjim Inn and the Pousada were old Goan Homes, one Christian the other Hindu. The Panjim Peoples was once Goa's first English School and is today a Boutique Heritage Hotel with just four exclusive and spacious rooms.

These Heritage Hotels provide fine Heritage Hospitality in Goa for the discerning traveler with a penchant for the fine things in life and with a desire to experience Goa's History Culture, Gastronomy and Art.                  

Efforts have been made to make the Heritage hotels eco friendly. Solar water heating , rain water harvesting,Energy saving lights and wet garbage composting in house are some of the measures adopted to make the busy but historic precint of environment compatible

Heritage walks can be organised covering the Latin Quarter commence at the Panjim Inn.
Get an opportunity to appreciate and buy the Fine Art Gallery , Gitanjali, and Contemporary Indian Art        

Other Activities

Exclusive Cruise on a private yacht. The 'Solita' is a premium quality 42ft. motor yacht with easy seating accommodation on the flybridge, rear and front decks. Beneath the spacious deck are the beautifully handcrafted teak interiors. There is a large lounge room with a stereo system, fully equipped pantry, two bedroom cabins with attached toilets cum shower. The twin 145 hp diesel engines from John Deere have a cruising speed of 8 to 10 knots per hour.

Escape from the crowded cities to white sandy beaches, clear blue water, gourmet dining and fresh cocktails, and sunshine every day of the season from October to April.  Explore some of the exotic places that have still hidden to most tourist that visit Goa.
Some of the itinerates that could be arranged:

Explore by dug-out canoe the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, a protected area named after the famous Indian ornithologist.
Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Panjim and the Churches of Old Old Goa

Cruise up to Mandovi river to the Churches of Old Goa. End your cruise exploring the latin quarter of the capital Panjim.

Sunset Cruise

A gentle journey on the inland rivers. As the sunset approaches, cruise out to sea towards the setting sun.

Dinner on board the Solita

When darkness has set in, anchor is a quiet bay to enjoy a sumptuous dinner under the stars of Goa.

Dolphin Discovery

Cruise out to sea where you're bound to see dolphins - watching one jump out of the water is a special sight.

Ocean Cruise to Tiracol Fort

Extend the Dolphin Discovery by cruising north along the coast past the beaches of Candolim, Calangute, Anjuna, Vagator, Morjim, Mandrem and Arambol to Tiracol Fort.

Romantic Overnight Stay

A truly romantic experience. Ideal as a special gift for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or to simply spoil yourselves.

for inquiries fill in the form given below and we would get in touch with you, we hope you would appreciate that customizing the VIP exclusive holiday experience take effort and time. We would require 3 day to a week to revert back with complete offering, during this period we may call you in between for more clarifications so that we could personalise the entire experience.

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