River Rafting Kundalika

The Kundalika River which lays hardly 120kms from Mumbai provides an excellent opportunity for river rafting.

The sport of white water river rafting calls for a triumph over the swift swirling river as it gushes past spectacular mountains. It is practiced mainly in the upper reaches where the water is wild and white as it froths and foams, crashing against narrow gorges, rocky outcrops and falls at deep gradients.

The Kundalika River which lays hardly 120kms from Mumbai provides an excellent opportunity for river rafting. The river is fed by waters released from Mulshi Dam and Bhira dam and provides 9 km rafting location with class 3 and class 4 rapids. These magical waters provide one fun-filled roller coaster rides.

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White Water Rafting Fee:
Weekend and Public Holidays: Rs.1350/- per person.
Weekdays: Rs.1150/- per person.

Transport - Rs.1000/- per person for day trip

Meals - Veg Breakfast; Lunch and Evening Tea/Snack: Rs.600/- per person.

Overnight Camping with meals at the campsite (Evening Tea/Snack; BBQ Dinner; Breakfast and Lunch) - Rs.2600/- per person.

Exclusions and at Extra Cost:


Camping with Meals
Day camping - Rs.1200/- per person. (Breakfast; Lunch and Hi-Tea) with changing facilities.
Overnight Camping - Rs.2600/- per person (Evening Tea/Coffee; Dinner; Breakfast and Lunch).

Non AC Travel arrangements - Rs.1000/- per person per day. (Minimum billing for 5 persons)

For AC Travel arrangements - Rs.1500/- per person per day.

100% Advance for registration.

We also take packed trips for Groups / Corporate at special prices on Weekends and Weekdays (Book well in advance)

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Important Note:

1) 80% Cancellation Charges will be applicable if the participant Cancel his registration less than a week in before date of the event. For cancellation, less than 2 days before event 100% of the event fee is applicable as cancellation charges. For other cancellation terms refer the registration link.

2) River Rafting activity at Kundalika River is dependent on Dam water. There is a remote chance that due to un-avoidable circumstances sometimes the dam gates may not open, a decision of irrigation dept. In these circumstances, the rafting event will be canceled. We will keep an alternate adventure activity instead of this and balance amount anywhere from Rs.1200/- to Rs.500/- will be refunded back to the participants from the total fee.

  • Travel (by cars or mini bus)
  • Road Toll
  • River rafting charges
  • Management Charges
Whatever is not included is excluded. Bottled water, soft drinks, fruit juice etc are not part of the budget.

Note: No Alcohol allowed.
Checklist of what to carry.

Attire: Tights (Dryfits leggings) or Short or Bermuda; T-Shirt with collar, Cap with bandana, Sun Screen, 3-liter water per person (1 liter for the raft), Towel and Change Clothes

persons wearing specks kindly tie a band to prevent it from falling, Munching snacks (standard meals will be provided by us).

Kindly carry your personal medical kit, general first aid will be available with Offbeat Mandala.

Sharing few albums on White Water Rafting at Kundalika River

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About River Rafting
What do the classes mean
Grade I:   Small, easy waves; mainly flat water
Grade IIMainly clear passages; some areas of difficulty
Grade III:  Difficult passages; narrow in places and with high waves
Grade IV: Very difficult, narrow and requiring precise maneuvering
Grade VExtremely difficult. Very fast-flowing waters which can be maneuvered only by experts Grade VIFor all practical purposes, unmanageable- even suicidal

 Know more about River Rafting

River rafting can get cancelled under the following circumstances :-

1. River rafting is an activity dependent on dam waters. If the irrigation department does not open the dam gates and/or opens them for a short duration and/or releases limited amount of water then rafting might not be possible.

2. Delay caused by traffic or break down of the transport vehicle.

3. Delay caused by any other act of God which is beyond our control.

Under such circumstances an alternate activity in the form of trek to Avchitgad or Karnala shall be arranged and 50% of the amount shall be refunded. Nature Knights shall not be liable for any other compensation under the above mentioned circumstances.

Looking forward to meet you for yet another exciting Nature Knights adventure.

Refer to our
Good to Know section to know what to carry for an adventure; do's and dont's for our events.

For further clarifications kindly contact.

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