Registration and Cancellation Terms

Payment and Registration

Details for Internet Banking Transfers (RTGS / NEFT / IFSC):

Account No.: 50200006370273
Bank Name: HDFC Bank Limited


Draw a cheque in name of "Offbeat Mandala"

, payable at Mumbai.


Deposit cash in the above mentioned account in any HDFC Branch and email us the scanned copy of payment slip (also retain the original one with you).


To complete registration kindly fill up the registration form.


Register using email (email format given below)
Sub: Registration for "Event Name and Date"; Your Name
Body Text:
Transaction details (Chq / Cash paid / Transaction id etc)
Name and contact details of all participants
Place of boarding or Meeting


our email - with cc to / 

Registration Form

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation Charges are applicable in case a participants cancels his/her registration for any respective event.

Most trips we organise are in remote location requiring complex logistics and people co-ordination. We are expected to give a high level of commitments to everybody who travels with us to ensure that you have good experience and maintain high standards of safety. And hence financial commitments towards the locals resources and adventure professionals/vendors who support us have to be very very high. Hope you understand our problem and Honor Cancellation Charges Due because of your cancellation.

erms for cancellation with respect to the date of event:
(Note: In-case of Cancellation clause already stated on the event page or proposal then that clause if applicable).

Standard Cancellation Charges, 25% of the total camp fee will be deducted towards cancellation charges.

less than one month, 40% of the total camp fee will be deducted towards cancellation charges.

less than 20 days, 50% of the total camp fee will be deducted towards cancellation charges. (for trips more than 2 days duration cancellation charges would be 60% of the total camp fee)

less than 15, 60% of the total camp fee shall be deducted towards cancellation charges

less than 7 days, 80% of the total camp fee shall be deducted towards cancellation charges.

Last 48 hours of the event, 100% of the total camp fee shall be deducted towards cancellation charges.

Process for cancellation:

kindly send us an email at
( with CC to, and ) in following format:

Date of Cancellation request: (Note: Nature Knights will factor the date we receive email in our mail box as the date of cancellation). 

If you do not get any reply from us for your cancellation request within one hour. kindly reach us on our cell phones / sms etc.

email format for cancellation
Subject: Event Name and Date

Body text

Total Camp fee: Rs.
Advance Paid: Rs.
Balance : Rs.

Details of balance payment in case the amount is falling short of cancellation amount as per cancellation terms.


Extra Cost for Alternate Arrangements.

Most of our events are organised in remote and difficult geographical regions; and sometimes unplanned alternate arrangements for accommodation/food/transport have to be made. Cost of these alternate arrangements would be charged as extra over and above actual cost of the event.

Some of the reasons because of which sometimes we may have to make alternate arrangements:

1) "Act of God" (Floods; Landslides; Storm; Heavy Rains)
2) Man made road Blocks due to Strikes; Curfews etc.
3) Missed flights/train/bus etc
4) Vehicle Breakdown.

Note: There will be no refund for resources that were not utilized by the customer.

Above terms apply to over and above the event terms mentioned in the event.

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