Nature Knights, Eco-Adventure Club

See new places, checkout the history, listen to the local version of stories.

Be an archer, bounce down the rapids, fly like a bird, climb like a lizard, Roll down the hill in a ball, fight a pitched battle with paint ball, sail an ocean, kayak down the river, dive into the sea, sing, dance, enact, overcome hurdles as a team.

Make new friends from diverse professions and cultures.

We trek, we travel, we play, we explore. Wild life sanctuaries, historical places, forts, jungles, lakes, mountains….

We honestly attempt to live, rather than survive. And we will be happy to invite you to join us.

Life is Greener on this side of the Valley.
Nature Beckons.

Benefits to Members1) We have around 40 to 50 Eco-Adventure and Social Events for members every year.
2) Avail discount on Trips as a member (From Rs.100 to Rs.1,200 per event)
3) Be part of Nature Knights, get incentives for referring to a Corporate Customer for Business Opportunity
4) We have two free Mountaineering orientation workshops for members in a year **.  (** maximum capacity per camp 25 participants; seat confirmation on first-cum-first basis).
5) Members who are more active in Nature Knights Events and activities will get an opportunity to become part of Nature Knights Core Team
6) Get to make friends and network in real than. Look beyond the Internet.

Nature Knights membership registration process

For registering as a member; down load the membership form from Internet.

If you are un-able to download the membership form kindly mail us request email at
and cc to 
Sub: Request for Nature Knights Membership form. 

Step 2
Fill up appropriate details and mail us your application along with membership fee payment details.

How to make payment?

For registration drawn a cheque on: "Nature Knights – ICICI Bank A/c No. 041205000027"

Drop the cheque in any ICICI ATM Cheque drop box


Simply do electronic funds transfer (EFT). Our Banking branch is Versova.

Please note: Participants doing Electronics fund transfer from bank other than ICICI Bank, need to

add Rs. 25/- extra per transaction.

To join our online communities / mailer list at Yahoo; Google or Facebook communities kindly e-mail us at

Nature Knights Membership Fee Structure with effect from June 1, 2010  

Membership Type1 Year3 Years5 YearsClarifications
Individual          600         1,650          2,550 Single Individual
Couple       1,050         2,850          4,450 Husband and Wife
Student          450         1,200          1,900 Student age has to be less than 18 years.
Family (1)       1,250         3,450          5,400 Husband; Wife & 1 child     (child age less than 15)
Family (2)       1,500         4,050          6,350 Husband; Wife & 2 children (child age less than 15)
Life membership Rs.9,000. (duration 25 years), Individuals only.
Life membership Rs.16,000. (duration 25 years), Couples only.
Life membership either by invitation or subject to acceptance of application.
Additional Note:
Membership Fee is non-refundable; un-utilised services would not be refunded.

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