Sikkim Calling, a land where adventure and surprises never ceases.

Sikkim, a land where adventure and surprises never ceases at every turn of the path less trodden..

The mighty snow capped Himalayan Mountains towering into the sky, gigantic waterfalls, medows, valleys full of flowers, a unique blend of buddhist and hindu culture,  Monasteries and temples, Road that make vehicles rappels and climb..

A few good pictures.. few great memories.. millions of moments cherished.. sharing my sikkim in albums below. A lot more would be added and edited later.. As for now enjoy the experience..

PS: Pictures and Videos don't justify the real experience.. If you are in for real thing join Nature Knights on Real Eco-Adventure Experience to Sikkim.. don't forget to tighten your seats belts before the journey the last Shangri La in Himalayas..

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