Caving Can be fun

Caving, also known as spelunking in the United States, is the recreational sport of exploring wild cave systems. It's an activity often undertaken for enjoyment or exploration, and usually involves free-hand squeezing, crawling, wriggling, rock climbing, chimney climb, sliding, jumaring, rappelling, wading through water, team work, facing your claustrophobic fears, walking, swimming etc.

There are thousands of caves in India, lime stone caves, volcanic crevasis, man made caves like heritage budhist caves, mining caves etc. But caving as a sport in India is still at its infancy stage.
Things to keep in mind.
Do your homework before you decide to explore any cave, have emergency backup team, atlest 20% of the team should have some experience in caving, carry first aid; technical gear (ropes, jumars, harnesses, descenders, crabs, floats/life jackets, oxygen cylinders etc.) flash lights, water, snacks (energy bars, energy drinks, dry fruits), first aid medical kit. Be properly hydrated and have the right size of meal before you make your way into the cave. Attire right kind of shoes depending upon the caves, clothes made of lycra blend that has good streatch, head cap / helmets)
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