Archery (Once a primary weapon of Warriors and Hunters, A Sport, A Philosophy, A Way of Life)..

It cannot be denied that Bow and Arrow were one of mans first attempts of inventions.

Its application and domination as weapons in early ages is proof looking back its role in the Great Epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana where Bow and Arrows were the primary weapons of the Great Warrior Lords Arjuna and Rama.

If you look back at History of the world, Genghis Khan who once managed to capture almost twice the size of Kingdom of what Alexander the Great once conquered. The primary weapons of Genghis Khans army were Bow and Arrows .

Archers also played an important role in story of the Legend Robin hood and his friends.

It would also be a way of life at Nature Knights with effect from summer 2010, details of programs to be listed soon.

Seven Principles of Archery (A way of life)

Archery is a sport that involves the mind and body. It is one of the 7 skills taught to the Great warriors in Ancient Asia. It was prised above all others, not for its martial aspects but for the training of the mind. It is said that today the same art is practiced by few wise monks to train their minds. This article will get you started in understanding that the mind is what you really are training while you practice your archery.

The first and most prominent habit a highly successful and competitive archer will have is to be always on guard and ready for whatever comes there way, whether expected or not. No matter how small, any surprise element during archery can put you off focusing.

Being able to observe yourself from the outside to find flaws or thinking patterns that can be improved is important. Remain positive and allow only one single line of thought to exist in your mind: The shot you are currently faced with. Visualize the shot perfectly from start to finish and disregard any doubts. The idea is to have fun and enjoy competitions while seriously giving a hundred percent effort.

Secondly, all mistakes ever made in past practice need to be left in the past. Having the ability to blank out bad experiences is a definite quality of great archer, so learning from mistakes without carrying them everywhere is the answer. The only thought in your mind can be making the perfect shot, and remembering the past won’t help with that. Picture everything going smoothly, and when it does, pat.

"Shooting your Average" is the third habit of pro archers. Consistency is the key in archery, so rather than attempting to outdo yourself or try outlandish new styles, aim for your average. Relaxation is important for form, so getting stressed won't help you. Continue shooting consistently, and keep your mind on each single shot as it comes.

Unless you are shooting for your food, the point of archery practice is to become one with your bow, arrow, and target. You can only do that if you take one shoot at a time and not think of the one that came before or the one that will come after. And above all do not let the stress of missing stop you from being a pro archer.

Fourth is the importance of positive thinking in relation to self esteem, talent and skills. Staying positive and allowing your subconscious mind to take over to perform smooth shots you have done countless times is a good start. Imagining the perfect shot and keeping your mind from wandering while reminding yourself "I can do it!" regularly is the way to carry through with this step.

A highly successful archer will thrive on the pressure during competitions, and this is the fifth habit. A saying archers have been using forever is "Shooting nervous is like shooting in the rain." Everyone experiences nerves, stress and pressure, but it is how pro archers deal with it that can set them apart. Don’t let the pressure get to you or take away your focus, and instead enjoy the jitters that can actually heighten reflexes and senses for shooting better than ever before.

Number six is to do with meditation or programming your mind so no distractions can affect you. Your program should be unique to you and synchronized with your whole technique while taking your shots.

This would includes how your breath, posture and mental balance; the control of your breath and leads to the control of your body.

Lastly and by far the most important is plain and basic discipline. Consistency in training practices and strength of mind are habits of pro archers, and this is drawn on for competition focus as well. Your mind can be trained just as your body can, and pro athletes have to work hard to develop and control both.

Archery is not a sport as much as a philosophy and should be studied like any other philosophy would be. Take your time and learn all you can about this wonderful hobby and make it a lifelong pursuit.

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