White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Camping and Bag Packing

White Water Rafting and Kayaking, Camping by the river and Bag Packing – May 31 & June 1

A weekend this summer Nature Knights family plans to go on a collage of adventure. The early morning warmth of summer morning promises what is to be a multi-colored moments in our life hopefully worth noting down in diary of our memory.

Plan for the weekend is bag packing trip upto Kundalika River, that is around 138 km from Mumbai in Kolad Region of Maharashtra (India). As we land at our base camp we settle down in our tents pitched in Coconut Wadi next to the simmers of water on the banks of Kundalika River.

A hearty hopefully (Malvan) food awaits for one whom beauty lays in simplicity of country side. As we satisfy our appetite over a gossip and know new members of family and bonding with the old ones; options awaits us for the noon; a good nap; a casual walk in the river banks. All this sets mood for Kayaking experience in Kundalika River.

Evenings again options are open; a casual walk in the starry sky and songs / a casual chat; dinner in country side.

A dreamy night sleep wakes U in the morning for a challenging River Rafting Team adventure. You are introduced to the basics of White Water skills and team work; respect to for etiquettes of Nature and discipline during an adventure. It’s a lesson of Harmony.

A trip that promises Rafting and Kayaking adventure in River Kundalika; Camping in tents on the banks of River; Camp Fire; Country side food; A walk in Nature; Opportunity to make new friends and bound with the old.

If you wish to rejuvenate the weekend starting May 31, 2008; kindly register ASAP. For details check www.natureknights.com

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M. Asif


About Kundalika River


About Kundalika River

A brief introduction to River Rafting Sport

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