Trek to Kohoj Fort

  • Kohoj the Mysterious Fort

    Scheduled - September 8, 2007

    Journey is always half the adventure. Destination is the epicenter but not a destiny of an adventure.

    The Fort

    Kohoj the lesser known mysterious fort stands on the beautiful hill on the road from Manor to Wada.

    The moderate hike to the top in monsoon is a fresh experience. The 2.5 to 3 hours one way hike to Kohoj fort has all ingredients for a pleasant small eco-adventure landscapes reflecting in small lakes, hills, plateaus, misty atmosphere, flora and fauna (wild and domestic), remote hamlets, the two very peculiarly shaped pinnacles are the guiding lighthouse to the fort of Kohoj playing hide and seek in the monsoon clouds.

    The view from the top is mind blowing. You will also find water tanks on the top. Dheraj River, the vaitharna river, Bandre dam and Tak-Mak.

    Check list for adventure detectives. (Carry Note pads and pen/pencils).

    Villages / Hamlets
    Vintage view


    Very few of the historical evidences are coherent to this fort. Looking at its well-dug cisterns, the fort can be said to be belonging to Bhoj-period. But no such evidences are available. In 16th century, Portuguese captured this fort from the King of Gujarat. They constructed fortifications and bastions on this fort. Later, in 18th century, Peshwa’s conquered this fort in their campaign of 1737. Afterwards the fort remained under the British rule.

    Getting your gradients right.

    Manor is 102 km from Mumbai on Ahmedabad highway. You have a option of getting there from Palghar as well. Two km before Manor proceed on the Wada road to either Vathote (13 km) or Ambai (11 km). Wada is 15 km ahead of the Vaghote via Kanchan (2km).

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