Mandatory Check List for Survival Kit - Dhak Bhairi Camp

Mandatory items for your survival kit

Most Important (Leave some space in your bag for ration provided by Nature Knights); every body has to share load of the ration. If you do not have space in your bag carry a small 3 to 4 liter Nap Sack / Bag.

1) Carry either an old pan or a small vessel for cooking.

2) Two light and thin Plastic Sheets – (3 meter x 3 meter plastic sheet)
(will be available in any hardware store or your local market)

3) Torch

4) Pocket Knife (Preferably Swiss Knife or Chinese equivalent) or any small knife

5) Small Plate, Mug & Spoon

6) Thread and Needle (Carry one large needle and one small needle)

7) Walking Cane (should be 65% to 70% of your height – strong and light)

8) 3 water bottles (1 liter each). Or 2 bottles of 2 liters each; best if you can invest in a hydration pack which will fit into your bag.

9) In-between meals, Snacks for the route – Dry Fruits; Fruits; Salad Items; chocolates; biscuits etc.

10) Route map (1 copy will be provided by Nature Knights to all), Optional

11) Basic Magnetic compass (Optional)

12) Bedding – sleeping bag or 2 light bed sheets

13) Air Pillow - Optional

14) One bundle of 5 mm Nylon or 5 mm Carnamental ropes (around 10 meter).

15) Carry a note pad and two ball pens for your diary writing.

16) 2 Plastic bags (1 Large and 1 Small)

17) Toilet Paper
Pet Jars and Tiffin’s of different sizes to carry food items and medical kit


1) One pair of Extra trouser or track pant or tights
2) 2 to 3 pair of extra t-shirt or tops (full sleeves preferred)
3) 2 to 3 pair of extra undergarments
4) Optional – One pair of shorts
5) Cap or hat with good shade
6) Carry a handy towel
7) Light woolens (optional)
8) Monkey cap or Muffler or light jacket with hood or sweat shirt

Take garments of light material that can breathe; has elasticity property and does not retain lot of water / sweat. Do not carry too many clothes; this will add weight and you may end up compromising on other essential items.

Feet wear

Tough Trekking shoes or regular sports shoes; Totally avoid shoes with high heals.

Carry Spare floaters, slippers, or light canvas shoes.

Socks – carry two pairs of spare socks and enough spare underwear.

Personal - Toiletries

1) Hand Sanitizer
2) Detol soap (small)
3) Small shampoo soap
4) Tiny pouch of coconut oil or preferred hair oil
5) Toothpaste, tooth brush and shaving kit
6) Comb
7) Small Hand mirror
Personal Medical Kit

Carry all Personal medical kit and personal toiletries in a separate pouch.

Injury / Blister


Crepe Bandage, Gauze Bandage, Gauze Dressing, (Limb Plaster & Digit Plaster) Band-Aid; Medical tape; you may carry Corn Pads ad Felts.
Soframycine skin cream, tiny bottle of Detol or equivalent

Stomach Ace
For Acidity – Digene or equivalent
For Colicy pain – Baralgam or equivalent
Body Ace, Head ace – Novalgin or equivalent
Fever or tiredness – Crocin
Travel Sickness or Vomiting - Avomin
Allergy - Avil
Insect Byte - Velbet Skin Cream
Anti-Fungal - Betnovet-C or / and Mycoderm-C
Skin Irritation - Caladryl Cream
Dehydration - Electral Powder
Water Purifier - Steritab tables
Diarrhoea - Lomotil
Dysentery - Norflos 400 or Streptomangma
Cough or Sore throat - Strepsils
Blisters - Boric powder
Sprains - Crepa Bandage
Muscle Pain - Relaxyl
Cold, Pain - Amrutanjan
Mosquito Repellent - Odomos

Note: You may carry equivalent medicine of your choice. Or can consult with your family doctor.

Backpack or Rucksack (40 to 60 liters)

Carry all your belongings in a backpack or rucksack with light items at the bottom and top; heavy stuff loaded around your shoulders level and closer to your body. If you have, compression straps in your bag use them to compress your luggage to make it well balanced.
Your backpack should have waist straps and sufficient padding on shoulder strap and waist straps. Bag with internal frame should be preferred.

Goodies (Optional)

You may also carry goodies like camera; small - binoculars, magnifying glasses and pocket field guide to make most of the trip.

Alcohol / Drugs not allowed

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C U Soon

M. Asif

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