The Silhouette

 The Silhouette Narrative

Dated: 29/12/22.

In between this so-called Mega Mumbai Metro Hussle, life finally gave me some time out to Pen down this moment on 6/1/2023. This was the last team building assignment I facilitated during the calendar year 2022. The venue for the event was a lush and rich riverside homely farm stay and campsite. The rustic but warm and cozy property is owned by my friend who has known me since my early childhood.

It was planned that I would reach the campsite a day before the event date, this would allow me the advantage of not just helping my friend in preparation for the event if required but also reviewing the preparation for the event. 

Upon the arrival at the campsite, I was welcomed with excited greetings by the owner and my dear friend himself along with a couple of these friendly team members. The fresh aromas at the farm; a blend of earth, the river, and farm trees were equally warm and welcoming. We immediately touched down over the dining Kabana with a Cupa “CHAI ''. The Kabana has an exquisite and unobstructed view of the “RIVER”. After sipping in some “CHA OVER GUPSHUP” I decided to take a stroll in the beautiful country side.


My leisurely and wandering stroll through the village pathways, some narrow some broad with trooping trees and enormous farms bounded by on both sides (giving me the utmost ecstasy on a cozy winter evening) on hiking for around 15 minutes made took me to a bridge overlooking an incessant gentle flowing river. It made me take a laid-back pause and hold a glance of the most beautiful setting sun and indulge in glimpses of colorful skies.

Here in I felt a myriad of the thoughts and emotions prevailed and the time-ceased, the entire world wrapped up in the moment…

Sheer Nature's Ecstasy!



Bushcraft Coffee


Revived back to “consciousness’ listening to the melodious twittering of the birds. We ambled down the not so trodden path snugged in the coziness of our warmers to the edge of the placid BHATSA RIVER embraced by calming and morning mist just overlooking the property. The dew was still fresh on the leaves, outers of our tents and over the tiled roofs. The sun had just begun to inch over the “Horizon”

We scavenged a few dry leaves, wood filings odd papers and twigs to kindle up the fire and the little joys just perfect with the pleasant and elated wind. The coffee was then brewed up and seasoned with the smoky earthy flavor and a tinge of peculiar “Bhatsai-touch”. With touching down, clinking the mugs added up with reminiscing some beautiful life experiences and lessons. Finally, being ready to bid adieu the year “Seizing the Moment”.

Nostalgic moments, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”

Looking forward to my next assignment... last breakfast of 2022 after smoked coffee. Life goes on.

Know more about Riverside Camping Experiences

Know more about Riverside Farm Stay Experiences

Bhatsa Riverside Farm

Life slows down just a short drive away from the Urban Hussle...

 Lakeside Farm Stay Holiday by the gently flowing Bhatsa River ...

Rustic yet Cozy Riverside Farm Is an Oasis located hardly 1 hour 20 minutes' drive from Mumbai city and 2 hours from Nashik. 

You may also reach here by local train.

The property is ensconced eloquently in the lap of mother nature, overlooking the incessant and magnificent Bhatsa River... catering to you with warm and friendly hospitality. 


Farm Stay - 
Uniquely Stone Cooled Deluxe Rooms with attached washrooms

We also have a Dorm Room on the 1st floor that has a balcony overlooking Bhatsa River,

Those of you who may want to try the unique experience of Riverview Rustic Classic Dome Tent Camping we have options for that too... and our Dome Tents are much larger than the small dome tents available at most campsites.

Indulge in experiences like unique river kayaking tour, best recommended barbecue dinner, try your hand at bush craft (try cooking your own breakfast or smoked coffee over wood fire, dipping in the shallow streams and deep river, Easy countryside hikes, sunsets over the river bridge or simply throw an intimate soiree 
Swimming pool with fresh river water

Book a Kayaking Experience or a Kayaking Tour ***
Book Exclusive experience of Open Sky Movie Screening
Explore Offbeat Countryside Hikes and Mountain Trails
Try Cookouts, Spear Fishing, Fish Trapping, and more...

WhatsApp: 9619182010 for bookings / offers

Ideal Campsite for people of all ages who are young at heart and looking for the classic and quality camping experience

Nearest Railheads: Vasind (20 minutes by local rickshaw to campsite).

Nearest Towns: 
less than 2 hours drive from #Mumbai and #Nashik
around 3 hours drive from #Vapi and 5 hours drive from #Surat 
around 4 hours drive from #Pune


Unique stone cooled rooms with attached washrooms

Siesta Junction...

Swimming pool with fresh river water; chlorine-free 

Enjoy chilling out in the water...

Exclusive and Group Movie Open Sky Movie Screening

Special Personalized camping and glamping Experience...

You are invited to be our guest along with your friends and family. We look forward to creating a lifetime glamping experience for you. 

Separate camping sites for each group
Personalised Barbecue and Campfire
Personalised Dining Zones 
All Camping zones will be equipped with tents, seating arrangements, tables, and hammock
You can request for board games/books to read
Personalised Lazing Zone

Budget for Bookings:

Self-contained Rooms - Rs.2,500/- per person (Minimum 2 persons).
Extra persons (full tickets) in room (Rs.2000/- per adult)

Self Contained Dorms - Rs.2350/- per person (Minimum 6 persons).

Camping in tents - Rs.2350/- per person. (Minimum booking for 2 persons).

Premium Location Riverbank Campsite or Bell Tent - Rs.2,500/- per person. (Minimum 2 persons).

Child Policy:
Child policy: 1250/- per child (5 years to 10 years).
Child below 5 years old can be our guest free of cost.

Check-in: 12:00 pm
Check-out: 10:30 am next day

Stay: as per booking

Lunch - Veg and Non-Veg (Chicken Dish, Veggies, Dal, Rice, Chapati or Bhakari, Papad, Pickle, Salad. 
PM - Tea/Coffee for adults and Borvita for Children 
Dinner - BBQ Dinner followed by Dal, Rice, Papad and Pickle
Breakfast - Egg Bhurji, Kanda Poha, Bread Butter, Tea/Coffee

Camping experiences:
Personalized Camping Zone, Campfire etc.
Common camping amenities 
Purified drinking water.
Morning Walk, Common Music can be arranged. 
Swimming Pool with fresh river water

Day Kayaking Rs.300/- for 45 minutes (till 6 pm)
Moonlight Kayaking Rs.500/- for 60 minutes (post 6:30 pm)
Kayaking Tour Rs.900/-  per person for 2 hours (including packed tea/sandwiches' picnic basket).
Screening of Open Sky Movie
Early check-in and Late Check-out, extra meals, the custom menu items ordered will be charged extra.
Bottled Water / Bottled Beverages etc.
Booking does not include any kind of insurance policy.
Cancellation policy is applicable 
Anything that is specifically not included in inclusions is excluded and will be charged on actual. 

What you can try during camping your camping holiday:
Keep an open mind; let your hair loose; wear something informal and comfortable; be comfortable...
Keep your feet up...
Try your hand at kayaking Day time or try the unique moonlight kayaking experience, in a gently flowing river
A gentle dip in the river, try the early morning cold dip in shallow flowing water
Lazing in Hammocks
Play hide-n-seek with the sun through the green canopy
Cast your line and wait till you feel the tug, throwback the fish you lined-up
Try casual Cookouts in campfire or barbecue 
Take a mat and try sleeping under the open sky
Go exploring in gentle countryside
Try board games, read books, or simply doing nothing is the best thing you can do...
Get your cycles; we have very good open countryside ideal for pleasant cycle rides. 

and more... reach us to discuss your personalized camping holiday...

Our campground promises you homely hospitality. check-out our regular camping package on other days.

Best River Kayaking Experiences... 

Siesta in a hammock under the sun and shade

Mix work and pleasure...