Boho Luxury Glamping and Premium Villas

Escape in a Myriad of Bohemian Vibes. 

Rest, Revive and Relax!

The property is a melange of serenity and opulent ambience Sprawled across 90 acres private forest. This holistic rejuvenation Glamping Ground is located hardly 2 hours drive from Mumbai and Pune city housed in forest farmland surrounded by Natural scapes like lakes, mountains and cascades.  

Yes! Pets are welcome. 

Sometimes the best moments of your holidays are actually when you are not into the site seeing schedule... and just relaxing on a easy chair or a hammock with nothing to do, just a mug of coffee or your favourite beveridge side table curled up with your favourite book or boardgame of simply gazing into nothingness. 

One doesnot need to a deep knowledge of Yoga to meditate here.
Simply get cozy in realms of nature..

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Asif – 9619182010 

Padmini – 9082730241 / Anoushka – 8355917916

Shruti – 8291522010 / Priyanshi – 9824718159

Experience Luxury Lakefront Glamping

with attached clean washrooms

Facilities like comfortable Bed, AC, Coffee Table, Chairs, etc..

We also have glamping tent with Jacuzzi Tub just right size for 2 to 3 persons to enjoy the siesta.

Premium Luxury Villas (3BHK and 4BHK) with facilities like exclusive jacuzzi pool, tastefully designed bedrooms, balconies, porch, washrooms, beds, tables, chairs

Bohemian Luxury Villas are tastefully furnished, set beside a beautiful lake overlooking the serenity of the hills. It's a perfect weekend getaway to experience a bohemian lifestyle, its colors and handpicked earthy interiors make it a very cozy spot. The atmosphere is great and overwhelming for family and friends to have a perfect get-together. 

Socializing Spot

Chef's Kitchen with community get-to-gather corners, performance zone, hammocks, and gazebos setup in Bohomenian Theme.

The Earthen Pit invites our guests to come together and interact through a range of activities. Through our curation of board games and events, we aim to create unique experiences which engage our guests and make memories for a lifetime. On weekends we host live instrumental performances on saxophone and guitar as well as a stand-up comedy for guests to immerse into. 

        Custom Cuisines we offer: ***



        South Indian



*** (all custom cuisines are not part of the standard package and will be billed separately on actual as per orders placed).

We have a good stack of board games, outdoor activities, and adventures all set up for this summer glamping experience. 


Meanings of words used

melange  (A varied mixture of)
serenity  (the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled)
opulent (ostentatiously costly and luxurious)
ambience (the character and atmosphere of a place)

Ladakh Paradise Paradox

The name Ladakh means (the land of many passes). La means (a mountain passes) dhakmeans (Many). This description / definition describe only a small part of Ladakh.

Ladakh a land of Stark contrasts. You could get a frost bite and sun burn at the same time. A land of high passes and deep gorges. A arid land without a blade of grass and rich green valleys. A land of festivals, celebrations and friendly people to a contrast of climatic conditions so harsh that even the tough and seasoned Nomadic tribes have to be on move just to survive.

Ladakh lies between the two highest mountain ranges of the world – the Himalayan range in the south and the Karakoram Range in the north. It is the highest plateau of India and one of the country's most inaccessible parts. Ladakh is considered as one of the coldest and most elevated inhabited region of the world. Ladakh also stakes claims for the highest motorable passes in the world and the highest salt water lake in the world.

Ladakh has a rich historical background. At one time Leh was a major settlement on the Asian 'Silk Routes' and a commercial capital in its own right.

A land so remote yet not isolated, this trans-Himalayan land is a repository of Buddhist culture and religion.

This district has some beautiful monasteries more popularly known as gompas hold immemorial treasure like frescoes, images, thankas and rare manu-script.

Ladakh the land of Lamas and Gompas definitely makes a most memorable adventure experience in your life. A must do for all travelers.

But for those travelers who are not open to adapt for an High Altitude Himalayan Adventure or Long Hour Rides on winding and bad roads kindly avoid journey to this rugged yet delicate eco-system.

A Changpa Nomand Women

Places of Interest in and around Ladakh


 Lonavala lakeside Glamping - Luxury Rooms 

Comfortable AC Rooms with attached washrooms.

at Pauna Lakeside Glamping, with experiences like Kayaking, Water Sports Activities, Barbecue, campfires, Hikes, etc.

(These rooms have been newly developed so have not been professionally photographed so kindly bear with the basic skills of photography).

Rooms developed right in front of Lake