Nature Knights: All About Malvan, Tarkarli and Devbaug

Nature Knights: Know All About Malvan, Tarkarli and Devbaug:

konkan Safari

Tarkarli, Devbaug, Malwan, Sindhudurg Fort..

Backwaters, Sea, Snorkeling, Islands, Beaches, Boats, Forts and Food..

Start Date and Time: May 10 Night at 9:00 pm
End Date and Time: May13 (Late Night).

Tentative Plan for the trip. 

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Out Plan

May 10, 2012 (Day 0 / Night 1)
9pm Start from Andheri Yari road
Pickup Points at Vile Parle, Santacruz, Bandra, Sion, Chembur, Vashi

May 11, 2012 (Day 1 / Night 2)
Arrival at Tarkarli / Devbaug.. Freshenup and Rest..

Latemorning Chill out at Tarkarli Beach and Dip in water (visit Sunami Island)

Late evening Stroll on the Beach and Exploring the Countryside

Rejuvinate with Malwan Food and Hospitality

Camp Fire

May 12, 2012 (Day 2 / Night 2)

Early Breakfast

Dolfin Watch and Nivati Beach


Lunch at Hotel

Post Lunch

Evening Sindudurg Fort and Evening Stroll in Malwan Market

Dinner at Malwan

May 13 (Day 3 / Night 3)

Walk on Tarkarli Beach

Checkout Luggage from Hotel as per checkout Time

Last Lunch at Tarkarli for the camp

Start back for Mumbai after early Lunch at 1:30 pm


Estimated Camp Cost: Rs. 5950/- for Adults and 
Rs.3850/- for Kids (3 Years to 10 Years), Kids will be using extra bed (Mattress) .. (With Family). Kids above 10 Years old will be considered as Adults.


Rs.4500/- Triple Sharing (Non-AC Stay), remaining things remain same.

Cost includes: 
Travel: We are booking our own AC Bus (Tempo - 17 Seated) or Non-AC Mini Bus (27 Seated) from Mumbai to Tarkarli and Back..
Same transport will be used for local travel wherever possible.

Meals (One Meal at Hotel either Dinner or Lunch, Breakfast and Evening Tea) Included in package

Lunch / Dinner will be Standard Veg Meals 
(Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea). Non-Standard items and extra dishes non-included.

Stay included (Three to Four Persons Per Room, Sharing in Deluxe Rooms)
Snorkeling Trip with Short visit to Sindudurg Fort (Fort Entry Fee not include)
Boat Ride for Dolfin Watch
Management Charges
Local Transport (Kudal to Hotel and Back); Travel for Snorkelling and Two Boat Rides.


Meals during transit are not included
Meals outside hotel are not included
Laundry is not included in the cost
Only one standard meal per day  in the hotel is included in cost, meals that are part of the package.
Cost of any Non-Veg Dish or custom dish ordered has to be borne by participant
Beverages / Bottled Water etc are not included in the Camp Fee
Tips / Shopping are not included in Camp Fee

Check list (What to carry?)

Change Clothes (Shorts, Trackpants, T-Shirts etc), Swimming Trunks at-least 2 pairs.
Towel, Soap, Shampoo
Cap or Hat
Sun Screen and Sun Glasses
Water Bottle
Day Pack (Small bag for day use)
Flash Light

Know more about the place:

Tarkarli is situated 8 KM south of Malvan and 546 KM from Mumbai on the west coast of India, at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea.
Tarkarli is a small and beautiful costal village in Malvan Taluka famous for its clean beaches and backwaters.  This village is famous for its Ramnavmi Utsav. Here in Mapurush Temple the celebration of Ramnavmi is arranged every year. To mark this occasion there are various dramas (Marathi Natak) are arranged.
This place has gained prominence because of its long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters. On a fairly clear day, one can see the bed unto a depth of 20 ft. It presents a panoramic view with tall 'Shuru' trees in the background. The wide river, the beautiful sailboats and the tiny wonderful islands hamlets situated on the riverbank, add to the picturesque beauty of Tarkarli. Sighting dolphins is not a rare event here. This place fishes throughout the year, the sea during summer and winter and back-waters during the monsoon since the sea water enters this area and also due to safety reasons.
Malvan is historic place. A beautiful beaches,are here. Special malvani Food, Sindhudurg fort, Tarkarli beach, Devbagh beach, Chivla beach, verious temples and lot of things from here you can enjoy.
Devbagh Beach
Devbagh is a small fishing village based on a thin strip of land with Karli river backwaters on one side and Arabian sea on the other. Devbagh beach is adjacent to Tarkarli beach and ends at Devbagh sangam. It is easily accessed by the Malvan-Tarkarli road.
Devbagh beach is less crowded even during high tourist season and attacts tourist looking for peace and nature.
Things to do at Devbagh:
The Devbagh beach is extension Tarkarli beach and one can walk along the beach straight upto Tarkarli.
Boat rides to the Karli river backwaters or into Arabian sea to explore Tsumani island, Bhogve beach, Nivati beach from Devbagh sangam.
One can see Dolphins jumping out of the sea, just 20 minute boat ride from Devbagh sangam.
Visit Devbagh sangam where river Karli meet the arabian sea.

Sindhudurg Fort
The fort was built with the help of huge rocks on the Kurte Island which amazes people & one appreciates imaginative power of Shivaji. In 1664 shivaji erected this fort on 44 acers of land. It took 500 stone splitters & stone breakers, 200 blacksmiths , 3000 labourers & hundreds of skilled artists who toiled very hard to complete this fort in three years. This is evident from stone inscriptions. Initially 3 K.M. long outer wall (Tat) was built. Average height of wall 10 meter and 2 to 4 meter broad in which liquid lead was used in the foundation. This wall today also stands impenetrable . The trick used in the construction of entrance door seems to be mastermind work. The technique was so deceptive for the enemy that they could not even realize from where the entrance door begins. Outer zigzag wall also built in a such a way that if the enemy would come to attack it would be visible from any side so that troops inside the fort could fire their guns and cannons effectively and humble the enemy . Crores of Hones (Goldcoins) were then spent to build this wonderful fort.
Maratha king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built this fort on island of 'kurte'. In those days Malvan was used for ship building & repairing works. Then the city developed accordingly. It was a planned city with market area, Residence Offices etc. In Sindhudurg Fort there is 'Shri Shivarajeshwar temple' of King Shivaji. Also there are temple of Hanuman & Jarimari mandir and Goddess 'Bhavani Temple'. Impressions of shivaji's fingers prints found to be preserved here on one of the wall . Also lies, inside the fort worth seeing temples of Bhavanimata, Shambhu Mahadev, Jirimiri & Mahapurush. All are in good conditions.There is one rare  coconut tree inside the fort which has two branches.
You have to go to the fort-from, Malavn jetty by a boat known as 'Ulandi'in a local language. There are there forts in the vicinity of Kolamb creek. Surjekot: First is Surjekot at the mouth of the creek. It is 4 Km from Malvan. This fort is constructed by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1668.
Rajkot: Second is Rajkot. Near Malvan port. Now only reminiscent can be seen . Third is Padamgad- It is a small fort. At the time of low tide you can walk into the fort. This fort was used for the repairs of ships boats in Maratha period.
Malvan Market: Market is famous for all home made Konkani products & sea products.They are really tasty & long lasting. You can gift these things to your friends & relatives as a souvenir of your visit to district Sindhudurg. Bharatgad Fort: is on the bank of the creek near village Masure & Beyond the creek there is fort Bhagavantgad. These two forts are nou in reminiscent forms. To watch the real beauty of nature is a great experience for the tourists. It is nothing but a heaven on the earth. Tarkarli Beach: It is the most beautiful sea beach in all the coastal stripe of Konkan. Tarkarli has 8 Km long coastline that makes ideal for early morning walks. It is a heaven by the sea . Maharashtra. Tourism is very proud of this place. You can enjoy playing & walking on the powder white sands coconut palm shrouded beach might reward you with the sight of a turtle drying itself on the sand or laying its eggs. Achra Beach: 10 Km from Kolamb. It is clean & lonely beach gives you your Privacy to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Lake Dhampur: It is a picturesque lake. It is spread over the area of 5 acres. It is crystal clear lake. The ancient Bhagawati temple is at the bank of the lake. It is a heaven for birdwatchers.
Velagar Beach :
Sagartirth is a long stretch of golden beach at Velgar, whose sands are literally  untouched and undisturbed.
Nivati Beach:
Offers peace and serenity to independent travellers. Fishermen seen launching their traditional boats and nets daily into the sea is an interesting feature to watch on this beach. Adjoining the beach is a twin village Kochra, which offers wonderful view of small tropical oasis on Nivati's shore.
Shiroda Beach (19 k.m. from Vengurla) :
Featuring natural beauty,privacy,sparking blue waters, long stretch of silver sands,cool sea breeze whispering through towering Cajurina plantations on the beach, amenities and salt depots around the village Shiroda is feast for the eyes of the visitors.In 1930 salt satyagraha took place in Shiroda with the order of  Rastrapita Mahatma Gandhi. Police arrested hundred's of  protectors ( Swayamsevaks) trying to rob salt by breaking the fence, nut they couldn't stop Swayamsevaks from looting the salt. This conflict continued till Ghandhiji had talks of equality with general Erwin. Shiroda is also said to be the land of inspiration for eminent novelist V.S.Khandekar.
Bhogwe Beach(29 k.m. from Kudal & 36 k.m. from Vengurla) :
Exquisitely secluded on  Exotic western shores of Sindhudurg. This beach offers to the tourist wonderful view of Karli's estuary which mingles secretly with sea waters from behind Devbaug's Famous Mobar Point. The beach lures to the tourists by its stunning white sand and beautiful blue water lagoon, thus an idealist spot for swimming , sunbathing and pick nicking. Flock of local sea birds add to the beauty of serene surroundings by playing with the sea waters. You can explore much more here. A hill in the back drop offers panoramic view of Arabian sea and light house situated on the rocky island. Sunset is the peak time to watch this natures expression.
Shri Maulidevi at Masure: This temple is very famouse ,situated in the most beautiful nature all around. This deity is in the form of ant- hill. Dont forght to visit this extra- ordinary from of a goddess. Anganewadi: It is very famous wadi for the jagrut Goddess Bharadidevi. This wadi is one of the wadi of village Masure, 14 Kms from Malvan. Every year, in the month of February, there is a big jatra of Goddess Bharadidevi, Known as Jatra of Anganewadi Devotees from all over India visit this place.
Vilwas Jalmandir This temple is at Vilwas in Malvan Taluka. In Konkan, Konkani people are devotees of ant-hills they feel it is the form of goddess. Here is such ant-hill in the temple. This ant-hill is known as Goddess. There is a water all around the temple. It is a jagrut goddess. This temple is very Beautiful. Jai Ganesh Temple :The Genesh Temple situated from the half kilometer from the Malvan City is the best example for Architectural sculpture. Jyotibhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar has demolished his own house and constructed this temple and spend a lakhs of Rupees for the construction of this temple. To complete the desire of his mother Shri Salgaonkar has constructed this temple in the beautiful environment.
Shri Salgaonkar has desire to construct unique temple of Ganesh from the temples of Maharashtra. So he has completed the construction works as per the ancestral reference. At the time of construction of this temple every day there was Pray and Abhishek. In the interest of the development and progress of doners the temple is named as Jai Ganesh Mandir. In the heart of the temple there was a Ghumat on which there are eight Ganesh Statues were sculpture. In the temple there is a Golden Statue of the Ganesh and with them there are Ridhi and Budhi Statues.
Beyond Vaidik heritage this Ganesh temple is a beautiful and enthusiastic tourism place. The tourists and other were always visited this temple because of the beautiful surroundings and peaceful environment. Therefore we must call this temple as the ninth Ganpati of the Maharashtra.
Other Places of interest in costal Sindudurg District:
Vijaydurg or Victory Fort
Sprawling over an area of 48 acres, Vijaydurg, fort of victory, was once seized by the British following a bloody battle. They renamed it Fort Augustus. A dilapidated board at the entrance of the fort relates its history. One of the best views of the fort is from the jetty. The fort stretches out into the sea and a walk inside its precincts is worthwhile. Shivaji added triple rows of huge walls, umpteen towers and spacious inner buildings to it and strengthened it in the 17th century. Vijaydurg's beach is a stretch of about a kilometre with good views of the fort at the right and a small plateau with a hut to the left. Once naval bases, Vijaydurg and Sindhudurg bear testimony to Maharashtra's martial supremacy during Shivaji's reign.
Bharatgad and Bhagwatgad Fort (17 k.m. from Malvan town)

At Maure town both this fort are located close to each close to each other but separated by an estuary. Bharatgad's outside wall is in dialogite condition today prominent feature of this fort is a more then 200 ft. deep well which has a carved door at the bottom. It is believed that the cave beginning from this door leads to Sindhudurg Fort. The temple and Masjid in proximity inside the fort is a symbol of Hindu and Muslim unity.
History :  Bharatgad was built by Sawantwadikar Fond Sawat in 1680 and Bharwantgad by Pant Bawadekar. Fort witnessed many clashes. To bring under its regime British commander Immelock captured this fort in 1880.

How to Reach:Bus facility available from Malvan to Masure.
Shree Durga Devi & Brahmadev Temple Place: Kank 13 km from Malvan.
Sarjekot Fort  ( 4 k.m. from Malavan)
Sarjekot is one amongst the chain of forts built by Shivaji in and around Malavan. Fort is situated on the mouth of Talashil Estuary which displays its splendor. The imposing sructure is encircled by ditch on three of its sides leaving one facing Arabian sea. Sunset view from this fort fascinates visitors. Sarjekot is also a naRangnagad Fort  (18 k.m. from Kudal)
Rangnagad Fort

Situated at an altitude of 2600 ft. above sea level Rangnagad is a trekkers delight. This fort is among the fifteen forts built during the  Shilahar Bhoj's regime. Shivaji captured Rangnagad in 1659 and made the fort his favourit resting place. Fresh water in lake and Rangnaidevi temple inside the fort are scenic splendors. Beware of Bision's on Rangnagad, We recommend you, not to wear colorful Cloths. When they see any person alone, they group themselves together quietly at one place and that is the danger signal for you, But these incidents are rare case.
Kille Nivati  ( 35 k.m. from Vengurla)
This dilapidated fort by the seashore impress upon the visitor by its range of rocks situated at its bottom. The rippling perennial springs here content one's mind. Fort also commands the fine view of Bhogwe beach.
The Holy Gagangad ( 59 k.m. from Kankavali)
This wonderful steep rock fort was established under the regime of "King Bhoj" in 12th century. Standing at an altitude of 3000 ft. fort is advantageously located on the topmost peak of Gaganbavada. It slopes down to bottom nearly from all the sides leaving one narrow way for the visitors to enter inside the fort.
How to Reach There?

Night 1

Travel (Overnight Journey by: Train/Bus/Private Vehicle)
 The Konkan District from Maharashtra bordering Goa with Main Stream Mumbai-Goa Highway running through the centre of the district is famous for Beautiful beaches;  costal and hill forts;  Temples;  "Art and Culture";  Malvani food;  waterfalls, backwater, historic places,  Alphonso mango, Cashew nuts, palm, coconut trees, wildlife, Sea food, Food Products, forts, in Sindhudurg.
There are eight talukas in district Sindhudurg. Out it of it there i.e. Devgad, Malvan Vengurla are on the seabank Vaibhawadi, kudal, Kankawali Sawantwadi Dodamarg are at the foot of Sahyadri.
Nearest Rly heads:
Nearest Airport: Dabolim (Goa) other airports Mumbai or Kolhapur
Focus on Malvan, Tarkarli and Devbaug
Connection by Rail:
Kudal on Konkan Railway (Around 1 Hour 15 minutes by from from Malwan) Regular Bus/Rickshaw service available from Kudal to Malwan.
Kankavli Station on Konkan Railway (Around 1 Hour and 30 minutes by road) Buses / rickshaws/ share jeeps available.
Luxury busses are also available from Mumbai/Goa.

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