This town is best known for its white sand beaches and beautiful mango and cashew groves by the Vashishta River. Chiplun, meaning 'The abode of Lord Parashurama' got its name because of the famous temple it houses.

The Guhagar Beach is located in Chiplun, just within 200 meters from the Guhagar S.T. Depot, towards the western side.

What is special near Guhagar

Guhagar beach and water sports

Hedvi Ganesh Temple and Beach

Bauman Ghal Hedavi (natural fountain)

Velneswar seashore and temple

Gopalgarh fort

Crocodile Safari, Paruchuri

Bird watching, Abloli

Ganpatipule Temple

Vashishta River, Chiplun Overview

One of the larger rivers in the Konkan, the view of the river is beautiful. Sparkling in fresh morning sunlight, many stay stunned and most stay in hotels booking rooms just for the view of the river.

Views of any kind of water body is known to relax the soul and Vashishta is no less. This river is also known to house crocodiles so beware. No fishing!


Chiplun (Chiveli Bunder).

Marleshwar Temple, Chiplun Overview

Marleshwar Temple, the Temple of Lord Shiva, is located in the lap of the cascading waters of the Dhareshwar waterfall in Marleshwar, Maharashtra, India. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Chiplun and is built in a cave. If you are up for some physical effort, it requires climbing 520 steps to reach the sacred shrine. The climb is accompanied by beautiful scenery around. The lush green River Bav Valley, the massive mountains and the view of the ghats are sure to mesmerize you with its simplicity and beauty.

The breathtaking Dhareshwar Waterfall can be seen from the serene temple courtyard. If you happen to visit the divine temple during seasons other than monsoon, you may get a chance to bathe in the clear waters under the waterfall after offering your prayers to Lord Shiva in the calming atmosphere of the temple. Marleshwar is located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra and lies along a 50-kilometre diversion from NH17, followed by a 20-minute hike. The Marleshwar Cave Temple is located overlooking the mighty Sahyadri mountain ranges and makes up for picturesque scenery.

This sacred shrine is visited by believers from all over India especially during Maaheshvari and Makar Sankranti as these are considered the main festivals of the shrine. It is believed that the foundation of the temple was laid down by Lord Parshuram and the innumerable grooves and cuts within the bounds of the cave are considered to be sacred. The site of Marleshwar Temple is also a great trekking destination and finds many admirers among adventure seekers as well. A visit to this temple is a fulfilling and serene encounter with God and nature.  

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