Eco-Tour - Paint Ball

Paintball Fight Club.

Involves Strategy
Complex Team Dynamics
Ability to outthink opponents strategy
If you had enought of playing video games and would like to try the real thing.. here is the chance..

Location near Walwan or any other place as per your choice.

Team Nature Knights Ready for action

One Day activity

Location Lonavala

10:30 am Paintball Battlefield.

Battle 1 - Team A v/s Team B
Battle 2 - Team C v/s Team D
Battle 3 - Battle for Position 1 and 2
Battle 4 - Battle for Position 3 and 4

Objective to capture opponent team flag.

Concept - Battlefield like setting used in Army Battle Training
You would be armed with Guns that fires coloured pellets
Objective to capture opponent team's flag.

Camp Fee Rs.750/- (Rs.50/- discount for members)
Breakfast and Lunch would be on actuals

Carry water, soap, towel and change clothes.

100% advance of camp fee for registration

Battle Ground

Schedule tentative:
Meeting at Central Point at Lonavala
Introduction session (Individuals) over breakfast.
Team formation
Team Flag and Team Name
Team Introduction with Theme
Induction to Rules and Constrains
To the battle field
Windup at Lunch

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